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After we went to the zoo on Monday to see the baby tigers, my husband and I went to Homegirl Cafe for a late lunch. (Mentioned previously on B.LA.) And what a lunch! We both had sandwiches, his was roast beef with an apple/jicama slaw in the sandwich. I had turkey with dulce de mango/chipotle yum yum slathered on the bread. (Apologies for not having the official names and descriptions, I thought I took a to go menu with me, pero no.) I had a side order of their potato salad which also had a chipotle zap to it. ¬°Muy delicioso!

Homegirl Cafe is part of Homeboy industries who’s mission “is to assist at-risk and former gang involved youth to become contributing members of our community through a variety of services in response to their multiple needs. Free programs — including counseling, education, tattoo removal, job training and job placement — enable young people to redirect their lives and provide them with hope for their futures.”

More about Homeboy after the jump…

Homeboy Bakery was the flagship division of HI but the bakery burned down in 1999. Because there wasn’t enough insurance to rebuild it all, it took until this fall to rebuild and reopen. The bakery will be open by next week! Read more about it here. I can’t wait to go and check it out. I mean, look at these awesome guys! Don’t you want to buy their bread?

I do, though I’ll have to stop by Homegirl Cafe for lunch beforehand.

Homegirl Cafe
1818 East 1st Street (truly East Los Angeles, right El Chavo?)
(323) 268-9353

Top photo by moi, second photo yanked right off the Homeboy Industries website.

6 thoughts on “Homegirl Cafe and Homeboy Industries”

  1. Actually, that’s Boyle Heights and still part of the city of LA, East Los doesn’t start until after Lorena quite a ways from there. But it is on the Eastside! ;)

  2. Thanks for the Homegirl info. I’ve seen the chinatown location but haven’t had the chance to go check it out and probably will do so in the next few days.

    But more importantly, thanks to El Chavo! for referring to that part of town as “Eastside”. I’ve gotten into numerous discussions as to why Silverlake is considered “eastside” to some people in LA. My friends and I just say its people from the “westside” of town who don’t know better…; )

  3. Homeboy has great suger free pastries at the, the sourdoe bread is the best and you must try the coffee cake!!!!!

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