Greatest Dead Angelenos #6: Howard Hughes

hhughes.jpgIn 1930 a notable Angeleno made the most expensive motion picture to date with $3.8 million out of his own pocket – and turned a profit with a box office total of $8 million.

During World War II, a notable Angeleno designed and built the world’s largest aircraft for the US Army. It was a failure and flew only once.

On July 7, 1946, a notable Angeleno crashed a small aircraft into a Beverly Hills residential neighborhood, destroying several houses and breaking all of his ribs.

A notable Angeleno owned TWA and RKO, as well as his own Aerospace Company and a Medical Research Institute.

A notable Angeleno was in his lifetime romantically linked to Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fontaine, Jean Harlowe, Jane Russell, and Gene Tierney, among others.

A great Angeleno did all of these things. Though he was born and is buried in Houston, Texas, he accomplished truly magnificent and terrible things in Los Angeles. Obsessive-compulsive and filthy rich, he never stopped thinking and spent his life trying to improve everything he came into contact with. He was investigated on suspicion of being a Communist. He was a womanizer, a germophobe, and later a recluse. He’s been portrayed on film by Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Robards, and Terry O’Quinn, among others.

He was Howard Hughes.

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  1. For those too lazy to look it up in the IMDB, Tommy Lee Jones also played Hughes in a TV movie. It was, in fact, what made him a star.

    My favorite Howard Hughes performance is still Dean Stockwell in “Tucker: The Man and His Dream.”

    Nice succinct entry for such a storied character!

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