Corporate counsel slaps local paper

zippocorrectj%20copy.jpg Out here in the far east LA community of Rosemead a few days ago there was quite a bit of clamor in a densely populated area, near schools when a loud explosion sounding like gunfire was heard. The area was sealed off and a search began. Much to everyones relief and chagrin it turned out to be a bic lighter exploding in the heat of the sun. Kinda of funny in retrospect. An editorial by Frank Girardot ran a couple of days later that made sense of the moment with a little humor which ran HERE.

What is funnier is that the mention of a zippo in the headline brought out what must have been a stern letter from Zippo’s counsel demanding a correction. The Star ran the clarification HERE.

What strikes me silly is that corporate counsel made some big money over a little error in a headline when they wrote that letter. I understand the implications in keeping information accurate, but to send a letter from the attorney when someone in their corporate office could have done it for the cost of a phone call? C’mon the guys at the Star are good guys and am certain they meant no harm and if given correct info in a call would have fixed it.

Just a little silliness to end your day. Some people have to work for their money, others just bill away.

2 thoughts on “Corporate counsel slaps local paper”

  1. How did corporate counsel make “big money” over this headline? Zippo Manufacturing Company’s general counsel IS someone in their corporate office, and the general counsel or someone on his or her staff (another Zippo employee) is the person who would be tasked with confirming that descriptions of Zippo’s products in the media are accurate. It’s part of their job as a salaried employee of Zippo – they don’t bill their employer for their time.

  2. Wids, a clerk could have done it for a fraction of the money. Who knows if they are on salary or not. That’s like sending in the Attorney General to issue a parking ticket.

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