Clarification on the whole Ellen DeGeneres/Michael Vick dog thing

My entry the other day asking if Ellen DeGeneres was LA’s Michael Vick stirred up a bit of conversation, not that Metroblogging had anything to do with the controversy. (Zach at LAist discovered that the Yelper community is up in arms against the rescue organization)

However, a commenter just slipped us this video which explains it all – the the “hairdresser” Ellen gave her dog to was, actually, Michael Vick himself.

3 thoughts on “Clarification on the whole Ellen DeGeneres/Michael Vick dog thing”

  1. No one has still answered why its harder to get a friggen dog than have a kid. Most excellent video. Wonder which “AP” put it together.

  2. Saw this in Variety:

    Iggy Pops

    The heartbreaking story of Iggy, the dog at the middle of the media storm erupting out of the adoption tug-of-war pitting Ellen Degeneres, her girlfriend Portia de Rossi and their hair-stylist friend against the Mutts & Moms pet adoption agency is coming to the big screen.

    Lickety-Split, Degeneres’s and De Rossi’s production company, optioned the story after being approached by Iggy’s agent, Sandra Worth, whom he was able to secure as a result of the media shock-and-awe over the incident.

    Iggy will pen the script with another seasoned but as yet un-named (human) scribe to the rumored tune of high six figures with the possible option of starring in the flick himself, insiders say. It will be the first film ever penned by a dog but the speculation is the movie industry has been moving in that direction anyway; and with falling box office numbers the trend over the past few years, producers are willing to make the leap.

    Jewel Osterberg, Iggy’s publicist, said the dog is in hiding until biz arrangements have been nailed down, at which point he will then address the media. and other gossip slingers have staked out doggy day spas and pet boutiques in the area they believe Iggy is staying.

    His manager, Bryan Jessup, said, “He wants to focus on hammering out the screenplay so he’s decided the best way to do that is to avoid being distracted by the press’s attention, for now anyway. He’s always dreamed of writing for the movies.”

    He added, “There are no ill feelings between him and Degeneres and De Rossi, obviously, or they wouldn’t have agreed to work together. He’s a good dog.”

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