Wassup Westlake?

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/10/westlake-thumb.jpgSo a few weeks ago I went on about how the how turning Echo Park’s derelict Ramona Theater back into a working movie house would be a big step towards making a pretty great neighborhood a really great neighborhood (I’ve got an update on that coming soon, BTW). Well, I’ve been poking around another little neighborhood next to a big park, and over the past few weeks I’ve fallen in love with the Los Angeles community of Westlake.

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According to the Wikipedia entry for Westlake, in the 1920’s it “resembled the Upper East Side of Manhattan”. Businessmen and movie stars made their homes there, and the evidence of their upscale lifestyes is in the fancy mansions of Alvarado Terrace and luxury hotels turned apartment highrises over on the west side of MacArthur Park. Much of Westlake’s rich cultural and architectural heritage is evident despite the layers of grime and a decades-long reputation for being a shitty part of town.

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/10/2454035_19ad8db5e6-thumb.jpgSpeaking of the park, sure there’s still a crackhead or two that’s gotta be swept up, and you can probably still buy fake IDs, bogus social security numbers and bootlegged movies just outside the Red Line station, but with the recent installation of a rec center, LAPD security cameras, and a grass-roots revitalization effort (led by Sandi “Mama” Romero of Mama’s Hot Tamales Cafe), MacArthur Park is on a quiet and assured comeback.

Just think, a five-minute cab ride from all the downtown bars, right on the Red Line, close to all the shops and restaurants in Koreatown, close to USC and Staples Center, and best of all the rent on awesome apartments is dirt cheap. I’m finding one bedrooms with hardwood floors and parking spaces for the same price as some glorified closet space in Hollywood (a truly shitty part of town, in my opinion) or downtown. Westlake may not be quite “there” yet, but I’m ditching Los Feliz for this place as soon as possible.

And who can forget Langer’s!?

Images by Fire Monkey Fish. Check out his full Westlake photo set.

3 thoughts on “Wassup Westlake?”

  1. Love while you can. There’s a movement to rename it “Central America Town.”

    Also, you might hold off awhile longer on vacating Los Feliz for Westlake digs. Though they’ve made reasonable progress on cleaning up the park and some areas immediately abutting it, the rest is still serious, serious gang territory.

  2. Are you a crackhead? A 24 day old infant was just shot to death here a few weeks ago by 18th street gang members shaking down illicit street vendors. Sure it’s come a long way since the 1990’s, but… Less than a year ago I went paddle boating for the first time there, and got a close up look at the water. OH MY GOD, it was seriously gross. They got rid of the paddle boats though, so I’m kind of glad I tried it when I did. However the guy at the running the paddle boats, was like… maybe you’d be better off going to Echo Park. Oh well… there is so much open crime, urination, and drug use in that park… it’s really hard to believe it’s under constant surveillance by the LAPD, but I think they have a blind person looking through the cameras. Hey maybe they just don’t care, or they are busy cleaning their rubber bullet guns to take care of those pesky peaceful protesters. Yes it was a beautiful park and in many ways still is, but it’s also one of the shittiest neighborhoods in Northern LA.

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