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Here’s your chance to chat live with Pam O’Connor, Chairwoman of Metro.

You just moved into an apartment near a Metro Rail station, but you don’t take Metro because it doesn’t go anywhere near your job. You could take a bus, but it’s pretty much the same as sitting in your car. Except your car is cleaner and more enjoyable. And always on time. And you’re the only crazy person onboard.

Politicians can’t understand why you don’t take Metro more often. I mean, they would take it, too, if their hectic schedules would allow it.

Metro wants to talk to you about it. Would you like more freeways? More buses?

Tell Pam the truth. You want them to build a complete rail system. And you want it to run more often than every 20 minutes. And you want it to run later than 12:30. And you want them to stop screwing around with your tax dollars already, like this Gold Line to infinity and beyond.

Click here to go to the live chat, today at Noon
. Let Metro know how you really feel.

8 thoughts on “Talk to Metro”

  1. Thanks for the link. The gold line extension is needed, really needed to alleviate congestion. The problem with it lies in that the cities along the way are looking at it as a reason to cram in more people with no resources like water to support it. It needs to be built to solve current problems not so it opens overburdened due to uncontrolled growth and high density growth on top of it.

  2. My wife and I live less than 2 miles from the Universal Red Line station. But it’s too far to walk, and taking the bus is not an option. Her office downtown is less than 2 blocks away from the downtown station. She’s almost an ideal candidate for Metro.

    However, because there is basically NO PARKING at the Universal lot, and her workday starts at 9, not 6:30 AM, she doesn’t take it.

    Hey Metro, build more parking at the stations. Multi-story, paid lots. Where else in LA is there free parking? They didn’t have their heads up their asses in Pasadena when they built their stations.

  3. Well, I asked two questions. The first one wondering what the MTA might be considering to make its railcars more bike friendly. And when that one was ignored I then asked what the MTA is doing to promote and support bicycle commuters the other 51 weeks of the year besides its annual “Bike To Work Week.” That one went unanswered as well. No surprise at all.

  4. I asked the obvious.. if Metro has studied the feasibility of a complete rail system… Why only a few corridors were studied as possibilities every time they come up with a new long range plan… If they’ve seen the map at…

    I got nothing.

    It amazes me how out of touch government can be with its own people.

  5. Welcome to reality Jason. Unless you are a developer or realtor with money in hand you and your projects won’t get attention. Only when enough speak up will things happen the way the people want it done. Keep writing and getting it out to help it happen.

  6. I guess I missed it but its not like it would have mattered…after reading the previous comments. Sorry, you guys got nothing. What you said in the post, those are exactly my issues. The bus would take twice as long to get to work and its not always reliable. I refuse to wake up 40-60 minutes earlier just to take the bus. I’d prefer sitting on the bus to my car because I could actually get stuff done…which we all know isn’t safe while driving. Luckily, all I have to do is drive to work; I walk or take the bus (or subway) on weekends.

  7. There is no doubt about it: Pam’s little on-line session was no more than a publicity stunt.
    Just like when one is expected to kiss the ring of the fat finger of most any given councilmember, one is supposed to take off lunch and graciously await being completely ignored. I did not even bother to wake up for this obvious bit of bullshit. Like the buses that too often tend to break down, only to have the next one arrive late and overcrowded, I am sure Pam flew right on by to all the easy questions. It was most likely not unlike the recent “flurry” of public meetings about the new Metro lines–which I also chose to miss, as I had important things to do rather than have my time wasted by people pretending to listen to the people–and how the decisions were already in stone long before the hearings were held. Pam, like her lying and grossly insincere colleague Roger Snoble, do not give a shit about the commuters of L.A. Although there have been considerable cuts in the MTA’s budget, the lion’s share of funds comes not from the (frequently broken) fare-boxes but from Sacramento.
    Were the wretched Pam O’Conner, Roger Snoble or any of those schmucks ride the bus for even part of one day, they would realise what MTA riders and straphangers know:
    • The buses are poorly scheduled; some lines run every ten minutes on Sunday, EMPTY, while during weekday rush hour they run every 20-30 minutes and are SRO with 50-70 riders;
    • Smartcards are YEARS OVERDUE. How many times have you watched while the bus advances to the next stop and people are still up front of the yellow line, attempting to put five $1 bills, or a handful of coins–ONE AT A TIME–into that damned box?
    • Turnstiles with token slots, for fuck’s sake!
    • The L.A. Sheriffs exist primarily on the Blue Line for a reason you do not want to know, but one that will be revealed in an exclusive interview with a 30-year MTA engineer and consultant.
    • The posters about undercover cops and the crap about cameras? The undercover cops are nearly non-existent and the cameras do not record as well as are rarely monitored.• Stop threatening kids with eight years of jail for tagging the occasional behemoth that lumbers along and GET THE BUSES RUNNING!
    • There is too much more, but no-one at One gateway plaza gives a shit, from the clueless operators (who have a mantra: “I haven’t been advised of [your problem here]), to Tome Horne in customer “service, all the way up to Roger and Pam.

  8. Yeah, it was pretty much bullshit. Michael #1 got in a question about riding the train with his bike and how to make the city/metro more bike friendly and got a cut and paste PR “carbon footprint” reply. I asked if LA would be interested in being part of a TransitCamp like they’ve had in Toronto and SF where the people and the Metro folks get together for a conference of sorts and hash out plans, ideas, and discuss things fact to face and it was totally ignored. This wasn’t about answering questions, it was about publicity.

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