Some Random Eastside Pics


The title sez it all. First up, deep into the Eastside on Olympic, a muffler man and his awkward child that insists on wearing a bike helmet. Nerd!


Sharky, 2! It’s not as good as the og sharky though.


Freeways make up lots of the Eastside, so they’re fair game.


Inside the wait area of an auto shop.


If Raider stood for actual pirates and pirating, I’d be down for it. But an American Handball team? Pass.


Old signs are the best, even when they don’t say anything.


A sidewalk memorial.


Hanging out at Mariachi Plaza.


Heh, many know what this place is. Otra letra se esta cayendo.


Drive by.


El Chavo = El Machin. Eso, eso, eso!

10 thoughts on “Some Random Eastside Pics”

  1. La Plaza del Mariachi! I love that whole area because of the music shops and the fellow mariachi musicians, of course.

  2. Yesterday, I passed some muffler men on Santa Monica Blvd in West LA of all places. Then and there, I decided, if I ever need muffler work, the shop has to have an impressive muffler man out front.

    Another random pic that would fit here is a picture of the handball club on Metnik. That is SO eastlos!

  3. The Latin Playboy sign makes me sad. It reminds me of visiting my grandparents who lived a few blogs west of that intersection.

  4. About 8 years back I helped a sherrif pull a drunk guy out of the middle of the intersection in front of Latin playboy (I couldve sworn it was open). We just dragged him onto the sidewalk and both left, the sherrif thanked me and noted I smelled like a rasta with a smile.

    And the East LA Counsel used to be the East LA alcohol council (For DUI’s), everyone called it elaac, like East LA college but with an extended a in the middle ( like a sheep’s bah).

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