Did This Squeaky Wheel Get Greased?

You might recall my smarm-laden October 3 post congratulating Culver City collectively for making it a minor bitch to get to/from the Ballona Creek Bikeway from the access ramp off National.

Upon arrival today the angels sang when I found the barricade wiiiiiide open (click to doublify):


Could it be that someone in that incredible incorporated municipality read my rant and in abject flabbergast got on the horn straight away to right this long wrong? Sadly, the answer was found a half mile down creek and it was “hell no!” Instead the gate had merely been fully opened to allow contractor vehicles down there to block the path while they weed-whacked all the overgrowth along the banks into submission.

I’m sure this gate’ll be locked back up good and tight later today, but at least on this morning and for this one magic moment in my commute all was right in the world, or at least this tiny part of it.

4 thoughts on “Did This Squeaky Wheel Get Greased?”

  1. Go for the gusto Will and never let up, eventually those routes will be open and stay open. Would be nice to see some dedicated bike only expressways around the city. We need more transportation options.

  2. Will, you are not alone on this one. The Arroyo Seco bike path in North East L.A. is only opened up to allow herbicide spraying county workers in (or other work trucks – I have seen them all, from the city, county and state level).

    I found a solution: $2 chinese adjustable wrench + multiple jumpkicks = street justice.

    I jump kicked the hell out of fences on both ends of this always-locked bike path. Now they are open.

    It’s bad enough that the bike path is stuffed off in some unique geographic feature. These paths are ours by right. They belong to us, and I’ll be damned if they are kept closed to the public.

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