Whole lotta shakin going on…

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/10/Picture%209-thumb.pngAt first I thought it was my cat gnawing on itself.

Nope, just a 4.2 earthquake from the Wrightwood area, about 45 miles from the center of Los Angeles at 1:53am.

Which explains why the bed kept shaking even after I kicked her off.

USGS raw data.

— — —

If you’re keeping score, here is a quick rundown of other earthquakes we were up to blog about this year – trust me, this is engaging reading:

January 29th, ~3:40pm, 2.7 from the Northridge area.

August 9th, 12:58am, 4.5 from the Chatsworth area.

August 16th, 12:23am, 3.5 from the Chatsworth area.

September 2nd, ~10:30am, 4.7 from Lake Elsinore.

3 thoughts on “Whole lotta shakin going on…”

  1. Slept right through this one too and I was much closer to the center than you. A scant 20 miles as the crow flies.

    Worrisome for me is that one was centered very close to the San Andreas where is passes through that area and why you were up working here instead of sleeping.

    Kidding aside, if you look at the pattern of 4+ in SoCal since the spring I wonder if we aren’t going to be in for another bigger jolt soon here in the basin.

    Northridge if I recall was preceded by similar with a larger 5 in B’field and then Santa Monica around 4 in the week prior to the NR EQ which was between the two. I know scientist say you can’t predict by patterns with much specificity, but just odd timing.

    Could have explained to the return of the hawks and the bobcat in my ‘hood in the last week or so.

    Whatever it is, it is time for my semi-annual check of the EQ kits. I prefer to be well prepared in the event the big one arrives.

  2. Hmmm… i can’t decide which freaks me out more: the earthquake or the thought of Markland in bed with a cat.

  3. In the years prior to the Northridge quake, little “reminder” quakes in the 3-4 range were quite common. It’s pretty much the normal state of affairs for the LA area.

    It’s only since the aftershock sequence tapered off and we entered the relatively quiet “seismic shadow” of the Northridge quake that they’ve become unusual.

    Now it looks like we’re getting back to “business as usual”, with a Mag. 3 or 4 every couple of months or so.

    That’s good. People need reminders.

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