*ICME:Uggggggly pumpkins

10%2016%2007004.jpg *It Caught My Eye: Ugly produce.

The Pavilions stores do try hard to bring us unique stuff, or at least as unique as a mass market super can get. In a huge box out front with a sign for $7.99 were these gems. “Cinderella” Pumpkins. Given the warts, wrinkles and other deformaties they are more aptly called the “Ugly Step Sisters”. Wonder how they taste as pie?

3 thoughts on “*ICME:Uggggggly pumpkins”

  1. Ugly pumpkins are the absolute best for carving. They have much more character, and they practically dictate what the weird face will look like. I prefer them any day to the blank palette of the perfect, round, blemish-free variety.

  2. I’d agree with you penny but these are so flat you don’t have much carving or gutting space.

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