I Love Cloudy Days

Yesterday, almost everyone in my office was happy. Why? Because it was cloudy! Really. In fact, most people were downright jubilant. I heard at least half of my sixteen-person team comment during the day on how much they loved the weather. Even a couple of the SoCal natives remarked on how much they were enjoying the soft light and cool temperatures outside. More excuses were found to go for walks. More time was spent with coffee outside the local Starbucks. Instead of hiding from the sun, we all went out to experience the clouds.

Fortunately, we have another half-day of glorious clouds in Beverly Hills before it clears up in the afternoon. It’ll stay partly cloudy in the beach cities. But tomorrow, for us inlanders, it’s back to sunshine – perfectly temperate 72F sunshine. Actually, it’s not just cloudy days. I love all fall days in L.A.

6 thoughts on “I Love Cloudy Days”

  1. Light rain or very heavy drizzle, you decide fell here at 4am in outer monrovia. The odd cloudy day is nice, I am however very fond of 80’s and sun well into December. It’s a snowbelt thingy, once you go LA you never go back.

  2. I’m a bigger fan of sunny days. Stop missing cloudy days, that will send you back to Canada! Your office pals are nuts ;)

  3. It’s funny–as a native, I LOVE the cloudy/partly cloudy/rainy/downright stormy days. I blame it on growing up here and year after year of stifling heat: every overcast day is a treat. When folks move here from other, wetter or snowier areas, they seem to appreciate the sunny days much more than I. I’m with you, Jillian–bring on the gloom!

    Also it means I can start running again–I can’t exercise outdoors in the heat. bleh.

  4. To Lucinda’s point, I don’t think I’ve ever heard an adult native Southern Californian complain about rain. It’s usually the transplants who grumble, “This ain’t why I moved here.”

    (And I, for the record, love the gloomy weather too! Bring it on!)

  5. Ditto what Lucinda said — I’m a native too, and this is the coolest September/October we’ve had in YEARS. Change is good people.

  6. Heat? I grew up in Miami with 200% humidity…now that sucks. In LA, the heat is great! I used to love the cold weather when I lived in Miami…now I realize how much I love th sun and warmer weather because I’ve actually experienced good heat!

    Personally, I hate those gloomy days. Everyone in the office where I work felt gloomy because of the grey. No one even knew when 12:00 rolled around.

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