What Would Leno Do?

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Details about the new NBC West Coast News Headquarters in Universal City are starting to pop up, as Curbed points us to the [email protected]’s official web site. We know it will be built on top of the Universal City Red Line Station. We know it will have parking. We know it will have people in business attire wandering about, stumbling to- and fro- the UBG for cheap drinks and off-the-clock tour guides.

What we don’t know is… What Would Leno Do?

Apparently, Jay Leno isn’t too thrilled about NBC moving from Burbank. He isn’t happy about being forced into retirement in’09. Will he jump ship to another network?

Leno happens to be extremely involved in the community, and he’s not afraid to fight for Burbank. Should Conan still take his place on The Tonight Show, I think I have the perfect job for Jay…

Would he be willing to fight for a Ventura Boulevard subway that extends from the Red Line at Universal and runs through Burbank’s Media District? Would he fight to extend it to Bob Hope Airport, Van Nuys, and looping back toward Sherman Oaks and Studio City? Would he be willing to fight for the greater good of all citizens in the Valley?

What Would Leno Do?

You’re on the clock, Jay. It’s your draft, we’re just watching it.

5 thoughts on “What Would Leno Do?”

  1. Everybody knows Universal is going to stay essentially the same, even after NBC moves. It’ll just be a bigger entertainment complex, wanting you to buy more stuff.

    But the possibilities for Burbank are wide open. What should be built on that property? Now that opens some interesting possibilities.

  2. The move is odd, but at least it isn’t out of state like so many companys have done.

    The subway would probably get a much better ridership if it more than just the Boulevard and looped up further to snag riders off the Metrolink in the North Valley. Leno with his bajillion really, REALLY nice cars likely isn’t going to give a wit about a subway. Just a thought.

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