Tale of the City Kitty and the Wild Kitty

10%2014%2007002.jpg Anyone on Foothill Blvd yesterday morning here in outer Monrovia would have wondered what was going on with 3 squad cars parked on the corner of California. I wondered too and since I knew that Ms Jeannie our boys preschool teacher lived there with her family we were concerned something happened. I kept my distance not wanting to be in the way, cursing the fact I did not have my good camera with me.
For the details on what was there check after the jump.

Ms Jeannie and family had a bobcat come down from the mountains next to us and take up residence for a quick nap on their front porch. That is what caused all the commotion. Monrovia does it own animal control now, thank gawd for that one as we now get really fast response. In a matter of minutes they had the bobcat calm enough that she was able to dart it with a tranq, give it a quick exam and then cart it off to a shelter to recover. We did learn the critter from the Animal Control Officer that it was an older animal and given its gum condition not doing well. Not the first time we’ve had them down here, just have had more wild critters than usual with the drought this year. Interesting to watch mother nature when it visits us in our natural habitat.





The good pictures courtesy of the Tyler family and used with their permission. The lousy lead picture was done with the trusty che-ez by me. Great care was taken to make certain no animals were hurt in this live animal capture.

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