Tanker Truck Conspiracy?

Picture%206.pngWith my tinfoil hat firmly affixed, I’m reading these stories about the tanker truck crash and resulting fire that has shut off I-5 at Santa Clarita, and my mind begins to connect dots that lead to… well… nowhere in particular.

But how often do tanker trucks just crash and explode? Is this relatively common occurance – just rarely this big of a news story?

Because the only other time I remember this happening was less than six months ago near the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, causing a collapse of the freeway…

The tanker carrying 8,600 gallons of gasoline ignited around 3:45 a.m. after crashing into a pylon on the interchange, which connects westbound lanes of Interstate 80 to southbound I-880, on the edge of downtown Oakland about half a mile from the Bay Bridge’s toll plaza…

…The fire melted a second interchange from eastbound I-80 to eastbound I-580 located above the first interchange, causing a 250-yard section of the roadway to collapse onto the roadway below, according to the highway patrol.

The driver, who survived with serious burns, had a long criminal rap sheet, but was still able to obtain a license to legally carry thousands of gallons of fuel.

Which, considering the damage he caused, and what just occured on the I-5, should at the very least be a frightening wake up call to where else a tanker truck might “accidentally” crash.

…photo by Mike Meadows / Associated Press…

12 thoughts on “Tanker Truck Conspiracy?”

  1. What are you trying to say? That this was a conspiracy? Or terrorism?

    That’s cute that you’re insinuating it without going out and saying it. It’s fun to be sly! But since you have no motive, no evidence, or anything besides two random unconnected events this is just you being stupid in blog format.

    Maybe next time you can say something intelligent about how the extreme overuse of big rigs and tanker trucks on overloaded, vital freeways creates a dangerous situation with inevitable accidents like this one.

  2. Kevin,

    While usually I don’t jump on the conspiracy theory bandwagon. The I-5 crash with the only five injuries or deaths…just sounds fishy to me. I don’t know if it’s terrorism, but I don’t think it was just an accident.

    Accidents like that don’t kill just five people. I would find the whole thing more believable if 50 people died. The low number of reported deaths just makes me wonder what actually happened.

    I think more people died and got hurt and they are just covering it up.

    It’s like that bridge collapsing earlier this year. The middle of rush hour and only five people died and then we didn’t hear anything else about it.

    Oh yeah, we heard about a bigger bridge collapsing in China…so stupid…

    But I thought the same thing David. Something weird is going on with the i-5 crash or people are just becoming insanely incompetent, which is another possibility.

    I’m actually afraid to get a root canal now, because I know people are so half ass these days.


  3. Why would it make it less likely to be a conspiracy if more people died? Are you positing some economic conspiracy that is breaking down bridges and crippling American transportation, but draws the line at killing… too many people?

  4. “Why would it make it less likely to be a conspiracy if more people died?” Kevin

    Because it seems like to me more people should have died. I think they are underreporting the deaths.

    Why would they be doing that? What are they hiding?

    A tunnel gets so hot that the fire crew can’t even go inside it and only five people die. I’m not saying it’s the Taliban or the IRA or anything, but something seems odd. I don’t know what it is, but something doesn’t seem right, that’s all.

    I have no problem with your “that’s a completely wacked way of thinking” comments, because maybe you can question me out of thinking that there is some entity that is trying to kill us on the freeways.

    “some economic conspiracy that is breaking down bridges and crippling American transportation, but draws the line at killing” Kevin

    Man I didn’t even think of that, maybe…that would be weird though…maybe they are drawing a line on killing because if something were to get out they can say, “Hey at least we didn’t kill anyone.”

    Ok that’s kind of stupid, but it could happen.


  5. I love a good conspiracy theory, especially one that starts simply as a rumor then makes it onto the front page of the enquirer in a few weeks. Remember the demons unleashed upon the valley after the northridge eq after the earth cracked open. Seriously.

    The theory is interesting, but it lacks the big wow factor. Big loss of life and dramatic damage would make it more believable.

    Having driven that route hundreds of times I know that section has many travelling way to fast into the tunnel as they split from the rest of the traffic.

    The tunnel further up by Castaic is steeper and shorter with no curves but really Water and big rigs downhill are not a good combo. I’ve done more than a few accidents with that scenario on that stretch of the 5. Bad accidents and if you take the time you’ll find more than few big rigs burning too. Happens.

    I’m willing to write this off as another bad accident underscoring the problems with the truckers being overly tired with poor equipment. All that coupled with excessive speed and a wet road is a horrendous accident to play itself out.

    If we have a sudden rash of similar events in the tunnels downtown, to malibu and the bridges like san pedro then we can talk conspiracy. Or stir one up.

    You could have added in the horrendous bridge crash in Minneapolis as support, but last report I saw the bridge failed due to excessive corrosion caused by years of pigeon shit. Could have, but glad you didn’t.

    I’d like to support a conspiracy on this one, but it just shows how a few bad decisions can wreak havoc on our transportation system and illustrates we need several alternatives should one be shut down unexpectedly.

  6. “Remember the demons unleashed upon the valley after the northridge eq after the earth cracked open. Seriously.” Frazgo

    No I do not, but I would very much like to find that. Dumb question, but did you happen to keep that and do you have a scanner…maybe the Enquirer has a searchable archive.

    The Enquirer isn’t nearly as fun now that TMZ and all of these pornlike starsighting sites are up. I had to ban myself from idontlikeyouingthatway, I was spending too much time on that site thinking things like, “yeah she is kind of fat…”

    Very bad…


  7. Very true Browne the enquirer isn’t as much fun as the TMZ celebretard stuff. The enquirer to its credit still does a great job with the alien sightings and demons, globe too. I always scan the covers while standing in the grocery line.

    Unfortunately you’ll have to google and see what you can find on the demons from hell unleashed in the valley as its not something I would have bought, nor saved for scanning. Just a bit of trivia filed away for entertainment value.

    I did a quick google and found one blog entry giving credit to the weekly world news for the story. Could have been them not the enquirer. I scan the heads in line at pavilions, don’t by the stuff.

  8. I’m just not seeing the conspiracy element here.

    There was a crash, and then some more crashes as it piled up … a fire started in the crash. In the mean time, folks got the hell out of the tunnel. The fire ignited more fires and an explosion. It’s not like one truck hit the others and exploded immediately. (Which really rarely happens … unless, you know, it’s terrorism.)

    That’s why so few people were killed. If the accident happened out in the open, I don’t think it would have consumed so many vehicles because there would have been better access to contain them.

    Talk like this trivializes the loss of life (a father and his child were killed in a truck carrying cantaloupes). The spot has long been known to be troublesome to navigate and the real thing to concentrate on is the crumbling infrastructure of our transportation system and huge burdens put on truckers to make up for high fuel prices by driving tired and/or too fast.

  9. only 5 people died, because the tunnel that this happened in was the Truck route. it runs under the normal route that the cars take, on a grade that is more gradual being that the trucks tow so much weight. it’s something like `10% incline, where they can keep it in a low gear and get more torque.

    being that it was the truck route, and 95% of the people who use it are trucks, and late at night, there would only be around 15 people tops, truckers and the random people in cars.

  10. Cybele totally off topic. I love your candy blog. I love candy. A blog dedicated to candy what great thing.

    I’m seriouly not trying to trivalize people’s deaths, I really thought in my head initially something fishy was going on.

    “because the tunnel that this happened in was the Truck route. it runs under the normal route that the cars take,”….

    Now that helps in answering some questions I had about the low death toll, so this was a useful conversation.


  11. OK, you guys want a conspiracy? How about the safety of LCV (Long Combination Vehicle) trucks, two 48-foot trailers or three 28-foot trailers behind a single tractor with a single driver.

    Here’s an article dated 1990 with the un-wieldy title of “The myth of the monster trucks: the big-truck lobby claims LCVs are more efficient, more economic, kinder to the environment, safer – longer combination vehicles – upcoming National Transportation Policy battle pits trucking against railroads – special report – part 2 that says on page 5; – Tractors pulling two trailers “are two to three times as likely as other configurations of big trucks to be in crashes. This comparison of Interstate highway crash rates holds regardless of driver age, truck weight, hours of driving, size of fleet or involvement of other vehicles. Double-trailer trucks are also more likely than singles to jackknife in a crash. (my emphasis.)

    Or try this one; FMCSA Internal Document Reveals Agencies Hidden Agenda on Large Truck Size and Weight on http://www.trucksafety.org that has an interesting (MS Word) document about the U.S. DoT supporting an increase in truck size and weight and a repeal of the 1992 freeze on longer combination vehicles (LCVs).

    I may be showing my age (again;), but I remember when LCVs first started being used on the freeways and the safety concerns that were voiced at the time. If I recall, it was one of president Regan’s policies.

    I’d suggest something a little more substantial than tinfoil for a hat, maybe we should put the tinfoil under a crash helmet when we’re on the 110 in Long Beach?

  12. On the other hand, it may have been because of the gradient (southbound = downhill), the wet road, and the fact that truckers always tailgate each other (to improve mileage, I think.)

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