… but not a drop fell on little old me, ’cause I was in Sugartown

So, it finally rains in LA, and I miss it. My boy and I decided to head out to Vegas for the weekend.

When we left Friday night, there were some angry-looking clouds on the horizon, but I figured they wouldn’t do much. Imagine my surprise when we get phone calls from friends and loved ones. Ahh, but the weather was so so very nice in Vegas. Not too cold (not like last weekend, also spent in Vegas, when we froze our butts off). No, it was lovely and and warm and breezy, although you did need a sweater at night.

As we drove home today, the city looked nice and clean. I like reaping the benefits of a wet, gloomy weekend. Here’s to rainy days and Mondays getting me down.

2 thoughts on “… but not a drop fell on little old me, ’cause I was in Sugartown”

  1. It poured hard here about 2:30AM here in outer monrovia. If the rain gauge is truthful we got just under half an inch which is good for the fall flush from my garden.

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