It began with me following my wife Susan out to the backyard after telling me that there were all sorts of “mothy things” flying around there. She was right, there were hundreds of the things flitting about haphazardly, but I knew right away they weren’t moths.

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/10/termite2-thumb.jpgThey were termites.

Here’s one that landed on my arm (click to quadruplicate) and commenced dining on my flesh moments before its untimely demise. I’d been called wooden waaaaay back when I fancied myself an actor, but this was too much to take.

It didn’t take long to locate where they were coming from: some small holes in the dirt between the bricks and stones of the walkway where many more — most winged, but some without — had congregated, scurrying about perhaps awaiting clearance from the tower for liftoff (click to triplify afte the jump).


Not being an expert I googled “termite swarm” and found out that while such events usually happen in the spring, last night’s rain was most likely the disturbing culprit, with the runoff breaching their subterranean chambers and the warm sunny morning bringing them to the surface today.

As disconcerting as this is, an outdooor swarm isn’t the worst indication of colonization. Apparently if these guys have infested yer house and are munchin’ yer timberz such a mass exodus can happen indoors — yikes!

Thankfully a few minutes later the bugs had dispersed as opposed to digging into the nearest piece of house they bumped into, but that still didn’t stop us from putting in a contact to the exterminators to schedule a visit.

2 thoughts on “SWARMWATCH1!1!!!!!”

  1. Well crap, that’s what those cute bugs are. I thought they were just overgrown mutant mosquitos. Time to get the bug dope out and respray. One of the many banes of homeownership. Water being the main culprit.

  2. Damn. Let me know what your exterminators say because I’ve spotted a few of those around here as well and I may need to get somebody to come eyeball things.

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