It Caught My Eye No. 6: The Tree Birds Of Rodney Drive

Susan and I made a run up to Los Feliz Village to answer Michele’s request earlier this week to stop by Skylight Books and buy some of the baked goods at the sale there today, the proceeds of which are going to help pay the medical bills for Lucy, the store’s fixture feline who’s taken ill.

After finding a parking place on Largo in Atwater Village Franklin we walked on over and showed our support for the oft-sprawled cat and then in walking back east from Vermont on Melbourne we headed north up the east side of the 1800 block of Rodney Drive and found this marvelous exhibition of birds painted and sculpted upon the stumps of removed jacaranda limbs and such. We were delighted to find festooned on one tree after another after another — five in total — a wonderful collection of phenomenally fanciful and fantastical feathery friends. Here’s some sample thumbnails:

IMG_3481.JPG | IMG_3484.JPG

IMG_3485.JPG | IMG_3488.JPG

My fuller-sized flickr photoset is here.

ICMEs 1-5 are here and here and here and here and here.

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