Hoodie evolves.

10%2012%2007006.jpg I spotted this today at *Mervyns and thought it was kinda cool. It’s funny how fashions continually re-emerge. Hoodies were popular when I was in college, they are back again. I liked this evolution, the hood zips up completely around over the top of your head. Screened eye holes included so you can see. The skeleton is perfect for Halloween even.

I did a google search for “Hybrid” the name that was on the hang tag and came up with this Skeletor Zip Hood which may or may not be from the same manufacturer as the gem I spotted today.

It is cool, the cynic within emerged briefly and thought wow, perfect burglar custume to go. Zip, run in, do the deed, split and unzip around the corner. No one immediately the wiser.

More on the (*) after the jump.

* I really hate malls and department stores since every last one has lost its mind and jumped on the Walmart PHD theory of merchandizing. PHD as in Piled Higher and Deeper. Today I had no choice as middle son needed new pants for the Homecoming dance as the ones he has give him “a wedgy so bad he needs surgical intervention to remove”. Gawd what we have to to as parents.

pic by me with the trusty che-ez..bigger not better is just a click away.

4 thoughts on “Hoodie evolves.”

  1. I can deal with malls, but there is something about Mervyns and Mervyns shoppers in Glendale. Every time we go into that store, about half the merchandice is on the floor and the staff is eather hiding or tring in vain to keep up with the mess. What I am unable to understand is why Target or other shops with the same price points are able to stay relative clean and neet.

  2. I’m not understanding the hoodies. I’m not understanding the guys in the skinny girl jeans. I’m not understanding these new fashions.

    I think I’m old.

    I also want to beat up Emo people. Does this make me a bad person? When I see an Emo kid I just want to kick them.

    My fiance finds it irritating when I wear “vintage” pink floyd t-shirts.

    “You weren’t even alive when the Animals album was released. Sing one song, one” fiance.

    I didn’t understand the irritation, but now I get it. I completely get it.


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