Activists get your (Rose) Parade Shoes ready

PRP10%2029%20special%20meeting-1.jpg Politicians love their meetings, that’s what makes them special. It’s what makes them different than the rest of us who just want to get things done.

Peoples Republic of Pasadena is holding a special council session just to address the controversy over mainland China’s wanting to be in the Rose Parade. Full details on the October 29, 2007 session in this mornings Pasadena Star News in their article Meeting devoted to float furor that ran this morning. If you got an opinion show up. There are times that enough people speaking up we can get heard. At least if a few hundred show up they all won’t be escorted out like I wrote about HERE. Never know.

One thought on “Activists get your (Rose) Parade Shoes ready”

  1. Am I the only one constantly befuddled that its the same Republican Party who claimed a Cold War victory against Communism is the same party that seems to want to coddle with the largest communist empire on Earth?

    The same Republican Party that doesn’t want to called the Armenian genocide a genocide, because it might offend the Turks is the same one that invaded a country under false pretenses, and now claims it was the right thing to do because it committed genocide against its own people?

    Anyway, I think they should totally let China have a float, as long as they also allow the Republic of Taiwan have its own float.

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