ZOMG too much fun stuff to do this weekend!

So my googlecalendar is filling up and I’m investing in a flat of Diet Rockstar to get through this weekend. Here’s my picks for the upcoming 60 hours, from a Culver City opening to a Burning Man street fair and some readings by local writers.
Friday: Lesley Reppeteaux, Andy Kehoe, and Chris Ryniak at thinkspace, to the right. Click the image to see the whole flyer.

This, this and this, below, after the jump:
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So the Eastside Art Crawl is this weekend, in its 10th year. There’s lots going on, and you can read it all via this link, but my picks are included in my weekend-rundown, below. (I’ve left out the noise-rock, because I think all of it is worth a visit, but I know it doesn’t have mass appeal. My taste is weird and I’ve accepted that.) The stuff I’ve picked out isn’t snobby art–it’s drawing on manga, cartoons, art nouveau design, pop culture and kids’ toys for inspiration, and it’s totally cool. The openings will prolly have free vino and most will have dj’s, I think. I’ve also recommended the readings, ‘cuz these are some great LA-based writers, and they’re young and cool and writing neat stuff NOW about LA.

Friday Oct. 12:

Thinkspace Gallery‘s openings for Lesley Reppeteaux, Andy Kehoe and Chris Ryniak.

The same night, Solid Gallery One hosts a reception for ‘Neighborhood Watch’ by Ryan Graeff from 7-10pm. You know, he’s the guy behind these images you’ve all seen everywhere: http://flickr.com/search/?q=ryan%20graeff&w=all

Thanks to DB for the pic.

Saturday Oct. 13:

Burning Man Decompression Street Fair
If you ever thought for thirty seconds that it might be interesting to go to Burning Man, this is sort of like it, except in the city and without the alkaline dust storms and the week without a shower and the eight-hour drive. It’s a really interesting experience if you haven’t tried anything like this before: people in crazy costumes, bands, fire performers, stilt-walkers, trapeze artists, dj’s, amazing art, and plenty of booze. All at a very hip, arty location downtown. I recommend dinner at Pete’s Caf√© downtown beforehand: get the bleu-cheese fries. OMG.

One good description of what LA Decom is like: http://www.clubplanet.com/news/archive/dj_wolfie_on_la_decom.asp

From 7-11pm Saturday night, Project: Gallery LA presents “…and then there were butterflies,” featuring new work from Panni Malek and Jen Lobo, who share a sensibility for fantasy images, sensual lines, and cool subject matter. Malek’s erotic, yet classic figures evoke a nostalgic feeling of Art Noveau glamour, while Lobo paints beautifully rendered scenes of flora and fauna. Nice stuff, and its collectable. Project specializes in handpicking up-and-comers while you can still afford to put their work in your livingroom.

Sunday Oct. 14:

LittleBird Gallery presents a reading by Josh Bearman, Trinie Dalton and Salvador Plascencia at 4pm.
Trinie Dalton is author of Wide Eyed (Akashic), A Unicorn Is Born (Abrams), and co-editor of Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is (McSweeney’s), an art book based on confiscated high school notes.
Joshua Bearman lives and works in LA as a writer for the LA Weekly and The Believer Magazine.
Salvador Plascencia’s novel The People of Paper, originally published by McSweeney’s Rectangulars, has been translated into over half a dozen languages. Plascencia’s shorts stories and reviews have also appeared in Los Angeles Times, Tin House, and McSweeney’s.

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