SGV Blogger recap: mainstream media missed the good stuff

Much to the chagrin of the local governments bloggers pick up the good stuff and counter spin what little makes it into the mainstream media. It’s been a lively week, good reading. More importantly LA, besides being entertaining or infuriating, what happens in the SGV ultimately rolls down into the rest of the basin. Really you guys need to watch what they are up to as they act like no one is paying attention. Pasadena seems to be the bigger target mostly as the blog writers there are the most vocal.

– Pasadena’s Political Underbelly reports Civic Acupuncture as a way to continue architectural mediocrity.
– Pasadena’s Political Underbelly reports on City Counsel Meeting with more of the same old developers win residents lose, mostly.
– Todd Ruiz at Under the Dome chimes in with Crime Tours. Nice. Just what PPD in the PRP needs bus trips into the crime hot spots. Wonder if it includes the dissenter’s courtyard?
Just a few more bits after the jump.

– AP in reports on a couple of Rose Parade entry options for mainland china HERE and HERE. The last one had a link to YouTube that just cracked me up. It was the ultimate dart this week. Genius.
– FC Blog lampoons the Claremont City Attorney two-step-side-step denial of an effort to censor a blog writer in their article titled That’s it Sonia which I wrote about HERE a while back.
– Monrovia bails out landlords with bad business plans as reported HERE, instead of aiding the existing small businesses.

Pic by me of Old Town Monrovia in its fall colors a couple of years ago. Done with the trusty Che-ez…get’s bigger but quality doesn’t.

11:15 AM Update Publius giving both sides of the story regarding Claremont attorney ran an article with link to the complete transcript HERE.

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  1. Link Fixed. It was the better of the parade options. Didn’t mean to offend, html isn’t for dummies but I still do it and the errors are comical.

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