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aztecout.jpg Growing up we all knew about the “haunted house” in our neighborhood. Real or imagined it made for great tales in the backyard camp outs. This is part of a series for this month regarding some local hauntings to liven up your October.

Local landmark here in Monrovia, the “Aztec Hotel” has had a colorful past. It opened with quite a bit of fanfare in the 1920’s what was to be the start of the Mayan Architecture revival. The Aztec unfortunately opened in time for the prohibition. A bit more on its history HERE.

The Aztec quickly became the stop of choice and haunt (pun intended) of many a Hollywood type when the speakeasy opened in the basement of the hotel. That “speak easy” cemented its place as the watering hole for the Hollywood Celebrities on their way out to Palm Springs. Details of the Haunting of the Aztec after the jump.

I have spoken with the current owner Kathy Reece-McNeill on a few occasions about the ghost of “Razzle Dazzle” who reported haunts the Aztec. “Razzle Dazzle” is the stage name of the young actress that died there sometime in the late 1920’s to early 1930’s.

As with most haunting legends details have been lost and others embellished to make a great story. The legend starts with an evening of partying in the speakeasy “Razzle Dazzle” who went upstairs to her room with a gentleman. The stories differ whether she was with her husband or some other “gentleman”. At some point after their arrival in the room there was a lover’s quarrel of some sort. Razzle fell backwards hitting her head on the steam heater in the room 120 which brought about her instant demise.

The haunting at the Aztec is mentioned on their own web site HERE. The ghost of Razzle Dazzle has appeared on as well as touting a book by Michael J Kouri a self professed “parapsychological investigator & Psychic Medium”.

Christy who lives and works at the Aztec will tell you she has felt the cold and something touching her lightly when she is on the second floor. At times she says she has even seen something white move to the side from the corner of her eye while up there. Her son Matt, a friend of my son Mike, claims to have had similar experiences. Christy’s youngest son Anthony has seen the dancing white orbs in the Lobby. Something is there.

Other than the odd cold draft in the lobby I can’t say that I have any way what-so-ever to confirm the presence of this ghost. I can tell you that many have over the years witnessed her ghostly form haunting the rooms on the second floor and pulling pranks in the lobby. Some have claimed to have heard the woman sobbing as well.

Personally I’d like to spend Halloween night in Room 120 just to see what happens.

The one guaranteed haunting each year is during Halloween. Every year Kathy and her crew make a haunted house that is open to the public with a nominal admission. Halloween night promises to be a fun time as well with the annual Halloween Party at the Mayan Bar and Grill. Call ahead for the details as at this writing specifics weren’t available.

Map of the location of the Aztec and yet another spin on the ghost tale can be found on CreepyLa in one of the popup flags. The address of the Aztec is 311 W. Foothill Boulevard, Monrovia CA 91016. The main phone is 626-358-3231.

Pic by me….done with the trusty che-ez and ‘shopped up for fun. Get’s bigger with a quick chant and click of the mouse.

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