KPCC Is Giving Away Ira Glass


Wait….let me clarify…

KPCC (89.3 on your FM dial) is having their Fall Fund Drive and today’s prize is a trip to Washington DC to see Ira Glass in April, 2008. If you pledge and win* you will recieve airfare for two, hotel and tickets to the show at George Washington University. (Hey–GW University is in Foggy Bottom! I love saying Foggy Bottom. There is a Trader Joe’s in Foggy Bottom, did you know that?)

If you listen to Public Radio, you might already be madly in love with This American Life like I am. Recently, episode 339: Break Up kept me glued to my ipod (I subscribe to the podcast This American Life). If you have ever had a break up and listened to Phil Collins, you might really enjoy the first segment of that episode.

Check out KPCC, support your excellent local public radio station and maybe go see Ira Glass…

*No contribution is necessary to enter the contest, but don’t be a douche–contribute!

2 thoughts on “KPCC Is Giving Away Ira Glass”

  1. Nice post. Too bad it isn’t tickets for 5 so I can take the fam. Of course those of you wanting the complete counterpoint should google ann coulter and enjoy the sphinter wink.

  2. I love This American Life, and “Break Up” was one of my favorite episodes in recent memory. The bits with Phil Collins were awesome.

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