Archiving Angeles (AA)

From the USC Digital Archive

On L.A. River bridge, Universal City, looking southeasterly to advertising sign, Los Angeles, 1928

The Bruins began playing football at the Coliseum.

City Hall became the tallest building in Los Angeles.

The stock market had yet to crash.

It was 4 years until L.A. would host its first Olympic Games.

20 years before completion of the Hollywood Freeway.

37 years until the riots in Watts.

41 years preceding the birth of the internet at UCLA.

And 79 years before NBC announced the move from Burbank to the UC.

Who says Los Angeles has no history?

2 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA)”

  1. The pic was a great find. The archive digging is fun. We have lots of history, unfortunately we are pretty bad about doing a quick demo and putting something new up in its place. Then the explosive growth came and the city filled up. Curious to see what happens next the the round of redevelopment planned in terms of what we keep and we demo.

  2. “The UC”? Eww, cut that out, would ya? This is the real world, not some cheezy network TV soap. :-)

    (And besides, the Metro Studio facility is only next to Universal City. It’s actually in Studio City, in the city of Los Angeles.)

    Cool photo, though. The Metro Studio facility will be on the right, in the area obscured by the billboard and trees.

    By the way, you can see the front side of that same billboard in this shot.

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