The Black Eye From Blackwater Hits Close to Home

L.A. Town Hall meeting on Iraq/Blackwater this Sunday.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Blackwater, an organization that is hired by the government for special operations that, for whatever the reason, cannot be performed by the U.S. Military. You’ve also probably heard of “incidents” in Iraq involving innocent civilians. Now there’s this…

Blackwater wants to move to your backyard. They have plans to build a private military base near San Diego.

Think of the next major disaster that strikes Southern California. With most of our armed forces stretched out overseas, whom do you think the government is going to call in? Blackwater. Men with guns, but no uniform. Men with guns, but no badge. Men with guns, but no honor.

In Los Angeles, we call those gangs.

What: Iraq/Blackwater Town Hall Meeting

Who: Courage Campaign, California Assembly Majority Leader Karen Bass, Congresswoman Diane Watson and Major General Paul Eaton

When: Sunday, October 14, 2007, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Where: Hamilton High School Auditorium
2955 South Robertson
(Two blocks north of 10 Fwy)
Los Angeles, CA 90034

For care packages to send to the troops in Iraq, any of following donations will be accepted at the town hall meeting:

Disposable cameras
Prepaid phone cards
Travel-size board games
Hand and foot warmers
Energy bars

9 thoughts on “The Black Eye From Blackwater Hits Close to Home”

  1. I must be missing something. The last paragraph and list of items is worthy.

    Why exactly are we supposed to care that some private security company aka mercenary company wants to build their own training camp when it isn’t even in LA? Sure they have a less than spectacular reputation but it is a private company and they can built pretty much where they want if they get permits. Training facilities usually don’t need much, and CA has no requirements for the licensing of private security companies. If you really want to stop them the licensing part needs to happen. Of course the private security lobby will stop that fast.

    Really, if San Diego has a problem with the they can deal with it, If SD says no, Monrovia will welcome them and them move in next door like the dipshit-homeland-security-wannabes next door to me. They’ll even give all the variances they need to store explosives and terrorize the neighbhorhood to make sure no one can complain.

  2. is the meeting to preempt any possible deployment of mercenaries in los angeles? or is this about what they’re doing in iraq? but yeah, no chance of stopping them from building a training camp.

  3. The behaviour of Blackwater stateside, for those who have been keeping an eye on them for the last few years (I have been keeping apprised of it all, and I am closer to knowing them than I would like to be), was first exhibited in the wake of Katrina. Many of them were deployed there. If they can make it LA (as in Louisiana) from NC as quickly as they did, they can make it to L.A. from San Diego in a few figurative minutes.

    Blackwater is comprised of folk who were very well trained by your tax dollars, in military special forces units. And then there are those who, like the School of Americas, were initially trained elsewhere and would not hesitate to do whatever they are told just like when they were running amok in Columbia, Argentina, and sundry countries throughout South and West Africa. they have been given a free pass into the U.S.

    The implication that this lot is comprised of rednecks is a mistake, to be sure.

  4. If they can be prevented from building a camp, I’m all for it; I’m unsure that’s possible, however.

    Also, the base may be planned for outside of San Diego, but the meeting’s here in LA.

  5. I think the larger point here is their proximity to Los Angeles means that they could very well be hired in Los Angeles.

    I know liberals tend to be anti-military, just as conseravtives are privatization under the sun, but allowing private, for profit, military forces to operate near us is a really, really bad idea.*

    *except for the people hiring them, of course.

  6. Fuck Blackwater. Those fucking meatheads better find a different state to conduct their jingoistic bullshit and clandestine murder-for-hire affairs.

  7. In regards to Blackwater of course I’m worried about them being deployed in case of an emergency in this country (I know they were in Katrina, I could have swore I saw them in the footage, “When the Levees Broke”) but another thing I am worried about is why they are in San Diego.

    They are there to “secure” “our” borders. The border patrol can’t shoot and hurt people who come in without the “proper” paper work BUT this private security firm. Blackwater can plan all kinds of funness.

    Who over sees them? Who polices them? How do you police trained killers? These aren’t some schmucks at LAPD. These aren’t some canon fodder, front line infantry.

    I know people do not like to think about the fact that we live in the most powerful country in the world, but we do. There is a reason for this and it’s not that because we’re run by idiots and just got lucky, George Bush may be an idiot, but the people behind him are not.

    These are special forces guys. The most elite, top, best trained, most educated and most ruthless bunch of guys in the world and this is not an underestimate.

    Think Mossad.

    These are people that can kill you, your whole family and have the ability owing to their training of covering it up and doing well.

    There is a reason they are in San Diego and it’s not just to train.

    Blackwater is one of the most disturbing developments of the last five years in regards to the United States and civil liberties.

    Private security is a bad idea. It’s a bad idea in downtown LA. It’s a bad idea in any format. People who carry guns and enforce the “law” must be held accountable by the public. The privatization of security is one of the most disturbing developments as of late.

    In the future it will cause the most harm and damage in regards to our individual rights.

    The government can’t tap your phone (or rather they are not supposed to,) but what if they get info from a private company? The government didn’t do it…all kinds of wrongness will and has occurred owing to this odd gray area of the law.

    I hate cops, but I hate private cops and rent-a-cops more.


  8. Is the argument that we don’t mind an elite corps of ruthless killers taking up residence in SD…as long as they’re in our military?

    Not trolling, just curious.

  9. So Blackwater is moving in near SEAL training grounds?


    They are all about the Special Forces hires and BW pays more than the govt..

    In NC they are about 30 minutes from the Amphibious base in VA, which plays base to SEAL teams. Their founder (E.Prince) is an ex-SEAL as well, if I remember correctly.

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