Soup du Jour: Dead Dog Stew

Let’s call this reason #173 why I’m glad to be a vegan. I thought this was a hoax when I first stumbled across it, or at the least, the ravings of some lunatic conspiracy theorist whose best friend is a big invisible bunny (or something along those lines). But a little Googling brought me to an LA Business Journal article from 2004. Oh, yum:

West Coast Rendering, which also uses the name D&D Disposal, collects several hundred thousand dead animals every year–euthanized animals from shelters and pets that have been put to sleep at veterinary hospitals.

West Coast Rendering appears to be one of the few remaining companies that render dogs and cats, said Don Franco, president of the non-profit Center for Biosecurity, Food Safety & Public Health in Lake Worth, Fla.

Because of environmental laws, dog and cat remains cannot be mixed with other beef byproducts.


“Rendering means that these dead animals are cooked in a giant stew pot for an hour, at just above boiling, and then the fat is drained off this soup and put in drums for shipment to cattle feed facilities in California and elsewhere,” said Leo Grillo, founder of the largest care-for-life cat & dog sanctuary in the world, D.E.L.T.A. Rescue, of Glendale, CA, “the rest is ground up into a powder and loaded by tractor into either a container or an open grain truck, which is later used for grain and feed transport.”

“Our D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Humane Investigation Unit followed trucks to American companies where the powder, now called ‘protein meal,’ is added to farm-animal feed. We also followed containers to the ports where they are loaded for shipment to Asia … to be added to feed for the farmed fish and seafood that comes back to the United States and is sold in our supermarkets. Check the labels of the seafood in the stores: ‘product of Thailand, Vietnam, etc.'”

What kind of wine do you serve with souffle of Fido?

8 thoughts on “Soup du Jour: Dead Dog Stew”

  1. OMG. That is so disturbing/revolting/unbelievable/horrifying.

    I’m one of those 80% vegetarians, but this could make me jump full on over the line.

  2. Indeed, it might seem disgusting. But just as a certain amount of dead vermin/bugs as well as the waste of said varmints are by the FDA allowed into that which one ingests while at even the finest restaurants, so, too, is this no surprise. After all, foot-and-mouth disease (aka “mad-cow stew”) is contracted by cud-chewers eating the ground-up remains of their cousins. To be frank, it is a disease borne out and carried on by nothing less than coerced cannibalism
    And then there is bluetongue virus, an airborne malady that is already in the U.S. but is only recently hitting U.K. Like the brain-eating amoeba, it is said to be spread by the warming climates inadvertent welcome. One can only wonder how much quicker it will spread as the diseased cattle, et al, are likewise made into the next hamburger herd’s meal.

  3. What, you’d rather them end up in our overflowing landfills?
    Get real. This is a fine, green use of materials. These are already dead animals, they aren’t being killed for this. I’d rather have them go to good use.
    Possible Prion disease (madcow) contamination of our food supply is the only concern here. To rectify that, i would suggest the renderers brain the animals first.

    I practice what i preach, too, i have an organ donor card. Put me to good use when i’m done.

  4. Ben,

    I can only presume you are answering my post, so lemme unload: like my answer to catholics, muslims, baptists, et al: STOP BREEDING. By your logic, I should empty my scotch-flavoured into your bottled water. Or I can stop drinking.

    As for your donor card, please make sure to not tick off the bit about donating what you imagine is your brain, lest some fan of Britney Spears get hold of it.

  5. That’s gross, not surprizing but gross. Then again we are omnivores and something has to feed our food sources. Nice post, certainly will liven up someones breakfast, or like me now put it off to noon.

  6. Hmm, now I have a hankering for some Dragon Fighting Tiger. (Cantonese dish made from snake and cat.)

    I’m half-Cantonese. We eat everything. Yeah, we’re disgusting.

  7. Mr. Hooks,
    I am summat half-scottish (and never not regretting it: thanks, Da), and lemme tell ya: with a fat litre of the “water of life” (scotch, natch), we even eat that brown ass-flavoured paste the australians push as “exotic.”
    So doan think yer so digusting just yet, until you’ve taken in a scottish porno. (Eating “snake and cat” is just the foreword, my friend!)

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