Pure Luck Adds Lunch!

I’ve written about Pure Luck before (located in the HelMel Bicycle Square, in the Bicycle District), and and if you follow me on twitter then you know I’m there… um.. frequently? Anyway, I learned tonight that starting Saturday they will now be open for lunch 7 days a week (currently they are dinner only, and don’t open until 6pm) as well as now having WiFi. Yeah, so I guess I’m just going to start paying rent there or something.

4 thoughts on “Pure Luck Adds Lunch!”

  1. What is this Hel-Mel I keep reading about. Hel-Mel, Hel-Mel, Hel-Mel they’re talking about it all over the internet.

    I need to go there.

  2. OMG, that is the best news ever! I can’t wait to have lunch there… then cross the street for some vegan Scoops ice cream. Saturday cannot come soon enough!

  3. Pure Luck is great. The food has improved a lot since it opened. I’m not even vegan and I always look forward to eating there.

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