Pumpkin Ice Cream?

Can anyone tell me anywhere in Los Angeles that might have pumpkin ice cream better than what I had yesterday at Mashti Malones? It seriously tasted like an iced version of the best pumpkin pie ever, with a bunch of Cool-Whip stirred in.

I know that ice cream joint in the Farmers Market has some good pumpkin ice cream, but my tastebud’s memories are telling me Mashti’s wins.

Any other ice cream joints have pumpkin or Halloween flavors worth seeking out?

7 thoughts on “Pumpkin Ice Cream?”

  1. The old Thrifty brand was good and I think you can get it limited edition at Sav-on this time of year, probably closer to Turkey Day.

    Also, doesn’t Baskin Robbins do one? Can’t say I have been in one of those in recent memory but recall seeing an ad somewhere along the line. Not a usual haunt so I can’t say for sure.

  2. Baskin Robbins does indeed have pumpkin. Also, Dreyer’s had a “Limited Edition” Pumpkin Pie (maybe just pumpkin?) ice cream last year. Haven’t seen it yet this year…

    Ben and Jerry’s _really_ needs to do one…

  3. I’d have to say I much prefer that “other” ice cream joint’s Pumpkin ice cream over Mashti’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Mashti’s, especially their saffron rosewater. But Bennett’s is my fall spot for the pumpkin flavour. I’ll have to check our Tai’s concoction at Scoops.

  4. Hi Uncle David!!! There is this ice cream shop here in Old Lyme CT that has really good APPLE PIE ice cream… I know that it is not Pumpkin but it was still good…n e way miss u and hope to see you this Halloween!!!

    Luv u
    Alyssa …ur neice!!

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