Pizza Genius Passes, Nominated for Sainthood

casaB.jpgThis info was just sent to me. I am so flabbergasted all I can do is post it in its entirety, below.

Someone get this man a big, shiny medal in Heaven. A heaven full of deliciously-decadent fried eggplant and delicately-flavored sausage with caraway (I think it’s caraway. or anise).

All wit aside, my sincerest condolences go out to the family–and I’d also like to say, few gifts to this world can be kinder, and sweeter, than a magnificent experience over food with loved ones. For all those experiences Sam facilitated, grazie.

“Sam Martorana, owner of Casa Bianca, an Eagle Rock institution, has died. Sam and his wife Jennie opened Casa Bianca in 1955 and created the pie that garnered awards and recognition as the best “every man” pizza in the city for many years, most notably in the food section of the Los Angeles Times and the yearly restaurant issue of Los Angeles Magazine.

For a history of Casa Bianca and the write-up by venerable restaurant critic Jonathan Gold, click on

Services for Sam will be held this Saturday, October 13, at 11:00 a.m. at Eagle Rock Baptist Church, located at the northeast corner of Colorado Boulevard and Hartwick Street in Eagle Rock.”

Pic courtesy the lovely and badass Ruth666.

9 thoughts on “Pizza Genius Passes, Nominated for Sainthood”

  1. I just ate their for the first time last week too… that man made me smile with his pizza… and so many others too.

  2. Thanks for using/crediting my photo, but what shocking and terrible news.

    Our hearts go out to all at Casa Bianca – and FYI that’s FENNEL seed in the homemade sausage.

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