Yikes…puritans on the lose?

dirtydancing.jpg Lest you think I’m on my way to crusty, crabby old fart. I’m not. I wanted to have a cow and do a Harper Valley PTA scene on this one.

My teens brought home a permission slip for the Homecoming Dance at MHS. Odd, but no problem with signing off it’s ok for them to be there. No problems with the no ETOH and under-the-influence. Really they’re good kids but never hurts to keep the focus that isn’t Ok at their age.

What bugged me was item #3, not ony did they feel compelled to restrict the type of dancing known as freaking. It’s pretty much some of the same moves from Dirty Dancing , which I admit in my own two-left-feet kind of way did inspire me with a few ideas. (I’m not that old that I can’t remember doing what they are banning, I will cop to not remembering what it was called at the time).

What get’s me though is did they have to shout it out in bold face type and all caps?

I’ve done the cool Dad thing and chaperoned and did just what they are trying to ban with my better when one of them was in Middle School. What happened they get older and its banned? Did the puritans retake the city and no one tell me?

It’s not like this is Arcadia Christian school where you pay to have some strict moral interpretations tossed out like a teacher measuring you and your dance partner with a ruler admonishing you to “keep room for Jesus”. This is public school, populated largely by a great bunch of kids. Something is amiss when we can’t let them have some fun in a controlled environment.

Let them have a little fun, its not as if there aren’t plenty of chaperones and everyone is fully clothed. What’s next your gum on the end of your nose when you get caught chewing?

10 thoughts on “Yikes…puritans on the lose?”

  1. In my old Catholic-school days it was called “The Bump.”

    ‘Course, the nuns then probably thought it cute and didn’t recognize it as garden-variety frottage, but I’m betting by reading this your kid’s teachers are under no such delusions.

  2. Yes…the bump. My wife is with the school as some take it to far, but rather than just ban keep it in check for the odd one that goes to far.

  3. I love that the all-caps, bold typesetting gives the impression that “no freaking” is the absolute most important point of all. Above drugs, drinking and smoking, even.

  4. Sounds like some people in your heck of the nood just need to kick off their Sunday shoes.

  5. Today’s freaking is literally dry-humping while standing. Teachers and chaperons don’t need that harsh visual reminder of what it was like to once be young and virile.

  6. Thank goodness all it takes to eliminate undesirable behaviors is to list them in bold caps! Take one look at that paper and tell me the first and only thing you see….

    You know what I always say: “To forbid is to recommend.”

  7. Touche’ and I say let good kids have fun in a controlled environment, if someone gets out of hand then pull them back some.

  8. I’m with the school on this one. It was probably in all caps because the school had to put the students and parents on notice that this wouldn’t be tolerated. Please, there is a huge difference between the bump of the 70s and the dry humping – that some kids call dancing- of today.

    It’s more practical than Puritanical. Teens today have zero shame. I have no desire to be the “cool” Mom or to be my kid’s “friend”. We are raising brats who have no work ethic or respect for authority. Why? Because everything is ok. It’s ok to challenge the schools, it’s ok to challenge parents on and on.

    I’m on the job for 7 more years with my kids, then they are out of the house (@18). If I am not told how “mean”,”unfair”, or that “I don’t understand” weekly, I am not doing my job. Disconnected, no. It is called parenting. And ,they freaking better not freak around me!

  9. Hey sarbal, you know by now I like to have fun with them and let them learn some life lessons on their own. Let them experiment in a controlled environment and reel them in when they cross the line.

    Freaking can go to far, for those that cross the line reel them in a bit. No need to ban as we know prohibitions never work.

    I get the same stuff too that I’m to controlling and too involved in their lives, it is part of parenting if you are doing it right. Giving them the chance to experiment and do the right thing is part of parenting.

    I know full well you do that and like me will reel them in when they make the bad decisions and screw up. It’s the reeling in that triggers the I hate you, unfair and all the other crap which comes with our job as parents.

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