What If You Couldn’t Park on Ventura Boulevard?

What if Los Angeles began planning for the pedestrian and the two-wheeled commuter instead of the driver? A street like Ventura Boulevard, lined with stores, coffee shops, and restaurants could become a major shopping, dining and recreational destination, instead of an alternative to the 101.

What if the first leg of the new Olive Line Subway connecting Burbank to Universal City to Sherman Oaks also included the removal of all curbside parking? You could ascend the steps of Laurel or Van Nuys or Sepulveda Station to find widened sidewalks filled with shoppers and joggers. People walking, talking, being city-like.

What if there was a dedicated, grade separated bikeway running alongside, in place of where street parking used to be? We could have a pedestrian corridor, with bike racks, automated public toilets, benches, and trees.

What if it was a matter of you voting yes or no?

10 thoughts on “What If You Couldn’t Park on Ventura Boulevard?”

  1. I’d vote no.

    It’s a great way to move a lot of commuters. It won’t work as all of the service trades and delivery people have to have a way of getting their stuff into the area for work.

    There’s a similar movement in outer monrovia to create a so called transit village. The theory is called Transit Oriented Design or TOD. It’s one that in practice that has failed miserably.

    Plenty of us are speaking out against it. Mass transit needs to be about solving our current problems not cramming more people in taxing our already limited resources. TOD is the biggest farce dreamed up and stuffed down our throats in a while.

    I really want the train. I really would use it on those trips I didn’t need to haul two hand trucks of merchandise and easels with me. We need to have it as an option, not the sole means of transportation in and out of an area.

  2. Completely agree. I’m not proposing the elimination of all vehicular traffic on Ventura, just the curbside parking to make way for bikeways, green space, etc.

    If a subway were to ever find its way down Ventura, there should also be plans for additional underground parking to compensate for lost street parking.

    Not sure what you would do about deliveries, but I’m sure there’s a model for it, in a city somewhere.

  3. I’d vote yes. My observation is that many Angelenos either feel they make enough sacrifices already just to endure living here, or they just plainly don’t want to even attempt to change, let alone sacrifice anything at all.

    The recent belly aching comments on this site about compact fluorescent bulbs seemed to illustrate that point for me.

  4. WEll Jason if you made the notes RE alternative parking and the support of some green space you’d get my yes vote. Your clarification makes it a plausible alternative that would would actually attract more riders. Simply taking things away will piss off the masses and no one wins including any progress.

    The problem I see with TOD is so many proponents see it as a way to increase density contrary to smart growth objectives that keep growth within available resources.

  5. Man, I’ve had enough of you eco-nazis. LA is not some pseudo-hippy Utopia, especially the Valley and Burbank. LA is supposed to be traffic-choked and smoggy. If I wanted to live in bland green boringness, I’d move up north.

    I just wish LA would hurry up and look like the LA in Blade Runner already. When I was a kid in the 70s, I sincerely hoped by 2007 I’d be driving a flying car and having sex with robots and ordering noodles in a Chinese/Spanish patois on the street, but nooooo – you eco-nazis want to turn this place into frigging Boulder or San Francisco or something.

    Go drive your hybrids off a cliff. And no, I don’t drive an SUV. I drive an expensive, fast, German sports car that gets over 25 mpg, and doesn’t make me look like a modern day Alan Alda.

  6. It sounds like heaven for the homeless. The guy who sleeps behind the dumpster and takes dumps in my flowers votes yes.

  7. Thenuge: I think the word you were looking for is noodge.”to annoy with persistent complaining, asking, urging, etc.; nag”. Its a bastardization of a yiddish word if I am not mistaken.

    I disagree LA is supposed to be smoggy. We’ve made great strides on cleaning up our air before those goofy hybrids showed up. We’ll keep plugging away at it.

    We’ll do it keeping our character intact and not drift into the whiny ecoterrorists up north. Besides if we become one of them how can they continue their silent disdane and feud with us?

  8. Now, now Nuge, if they want to bicycle, let them bicycle. That’s one less Prius on the road for your Porsche to get stuck behind.

  9. I am all for tearing up Ventura Blvd. Why? I don’t live there, But I’ll check it on my bike someday even it will be the same as the promenade and Uni City. By that I mean, teaming with young loud kids & obnoxious skate brats. At least it will offer a sanctuary free of all Nugesters and their Mach 5s. But come on…this will never happen unless the Global Warming thing makes drastic changes everywhere before you know it.

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