We Heart Tripods!

luluweb_2.jpgcatpod.jpgIn the vein of yesterday’s post on Lucy, the store cat at Skylight Books, and her battle with feline leukemia, I came across this site today (I think I’d seen it once before but it hadn’t registered quite what it was). Angeleno artist Amanda Visell recently designed this shirt, right, for the cause. Sonia Zjawinski’s “pet” project is a great one to support, and you can also give props to an LA artist doin’ her thang! I also just think it’s great they call them tripods. I’ve always had a soft spot for the concept of the “loaf cat,” a hypothetical cat with no legs, which you could pick up like a little loaf and take places, and she couldn’t hide under your bed when guests came over, and which would be, while somewhat sad, super cute.*

The web site itself is really quite cool, with info on doggie health and well-being, plus doggies & kitties you can help. So then you feel all good ‘n’ stuff. Purrrrr.

*Aware this is a little weird, but seriously, wouldn’t a cat shaped like a little loaf be sooo cute?! Eeeeee!

3 thoughts on “We Heart Tripods!”

  1. Loaf cat? Reminds me of the old joke – “What do you name a dog with no legs?.. Cigarette, because you take him out for a drag…but, seriously folks, it doesn’t matter what you name him, he won’t come when you call.”

  2. Did you ever read Geek Love, Lucinda? Because your loaf cat totally reminds me of that book. (It also makes me think “She was always such a quiet girl,” but that’s another story.)

  3. Tripod, that’s a common name for the 4 leggers who had a mishap and down to 3. Had a dog named that as a kid. Its also locker room humor.Might as round out the education. A t-shirt has been for that, you can get it in Venice.

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