People’s Republic of Pasadena removes dissenters?

annlau.png So tell me what this sweet little old grandma did that got her a police escort out of a recent Pasadena City Counsel meeting. She asked a simple question regarding China’s history on civil rights that’s what allegedly happened. Full details in Aaron Proctor’s article titled “How Embarrassing Pasadena”.

The whole China debate has been coming to a head out this way for a while. The writers at Pasadena’s Underbelly are doing a good job in putting the information out there with a spin counter to the cities official versions. They have one more here as well. As always the comments are an interesting read. Given the treatment of this dissenter I wonder how long these bloggers will go unscathed.

The FCBlog has its spin on the matter as well. Read about it here and here .

Put aside for a minute the turmoil of escorting this sweet grandma out for speaking up, should the ToR and Pasadena take a stance on all our behalf regarding Mainland China? Should we sit silently and allow a local dissident be silenced? You tell me. Better, chime in at the Tournament of Roses site. I

*phrase coined by Aaron Proctor…its good. I’ll keep it.
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ps…happy 101st post to me….still annoying one key stroke at a time.

8 thoughts on “People’s Republic of Pasadena removes dissenters?”

  1. In all fairness, I wasn’t really the one who dug this up. Todd Ruiz should get a lot of credit – as well as the other bloggers: Dormitas at Pasadena’s Underbelly and The Foothill Cities Blog as well.

  2. As I’ve said elsewhere, now we know what it takes to get a lieutenant out from behind a desk.

    And to answer your question, I was very persuaded by the public comment at the 8 Oct 07 Pasadena City Council meeting. I’m coming out anti-float. Not anti-Olympics, but anti-human rights abuses in China (and China is anti-workers’ rights too). Did Mack Robinson’s appearance in the 1936 Olympics persuade Hitler in any way?

  3. Thanks for the extra link Todd. No offense on not naming you, just hadn’t read it to add to the mix. You do some nice work too. I’m amazed the SGV city hall’s haven’t put a bounty on all the blog writer already since shutting them down to censor hasn’t worked so far.

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