LBC’s Bikestation Rolls Out Bike Parking Garages, but None in LA?

Bikestationfeb06 189From BusinessWeek (via psfk):

Bikestation, a Long Beach (Calif.) not-for-profit, is teaming up with 30 U.S. cities to create parking garages for bikes. The municipalities build the space (with advice from the group), and Bikestation sometimes manages the facility. The cost for bikers? At Bikestation-run garages, designed to be accessible 24/7 with a smart card key, it’s about $1 a day, $12 a month, or $96 a year.

(Note that you’ll need to scroll about halfway down that BusinessWeek page to “Protected Parking For Pedalers.”)

Sadly, according to Bikestation’s website, it looks like the closest are in Long Beach and Santa Barbara, and I can’t find a list of the “30 U.S. cities” to confirm if we’ve got one in the works. But they did do some work with the MTA in 2004:

In partnership with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), Bikestation fulfilled a grant from Caltrans, through their Community Based Transportation Planning Program, to lay the groundwork for the development of a network of Bike-Transit Center along MTA transit lines throughout the County. These multi-modal facilities will improve bicycle/transit linkages and encourage alternative commutes by providing commuters with alternative transportation options; thereby reducing vehicular emissions and congestion, improving mobility and enhancing the livability of Los Angeles County.

The planning study provided a range of clean transit options and services to enhance and encourage multi-modal transportation to, from and within each of the implementation areas and developed operational requirements. The project incorporated a collaborative planning process with participation from community stakeholders and produced its final report in December of 2004. The project team prepared and conducted several focus groups at each of the four selected locations which determined and documented interest, evaluated demand, and established service needs. Each location’s unique characteristics were analyzed to determine the proper mix of mobility services to be proposed for the most effective operation. Projected services range from unattended or attended bicycle parking to vehicle sharing. The project also developed a standard operating and design guideline for future use in citing Bikestation clean transit centers at other locations in the region.

Sounds great, but if any of these projected services were being green lighted, I think they’d be receiving more publicity.

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