Date Night: Studio City

Wanna go out Thursday? Meet me by the red chairs on Ventura Boulevard.

A new scene is starting to take root on the other side of the hill. Believe it or not, there are signs… of nightlife. It’s the kind of nightlife you remember from better days: hot people, stiff drinks, no ridiculous velvet rope.

It’s happening at TommyRays Cafe, on the Blvd., just West of Laurel. Full bar, great food, and a patio with a fire table! They also have the most random star-sightings. (My first time there, LeVar Burton was having dinner 2 tables away. Get your geek on. Get your geek on.)

Thursday night is acoustic night at TommyRays. This week, it’s the Nikhl Korula Band, who just opened for the Dave Matthews Band in Irvine. They’re jazzy, they’re funky, they’re hard to explain and even harder to ignore. They make guys want to dance.

Afterwards, it’s up to you. Might I suggest a late-night cup o’ joe at Dupar’s? Best java on Ventura.

2 thoughts on “Date Night: Studio City”

  1. I could do without, honestly. I really really really miss Hollywood — ever since my station moved to Ventura Blvd-adjacent, I spend way more on food than I like to.

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