Better than Pinkberry

menchies.jpgYou guys, I’ve found (well, been introduced to) the best frozen yogurt shop in town.

Menchie’s is at 4849 Laurel Canyon in Valley Village.

They have lots of flavors and tons of toppings. It’s self-serve and you pay by weight. Everything is delicious and the fruit toppings are locally grown. If only they had non-styrofoam cups it would be the perfect yogurt shop.

(Assuming it is actually yogurt, which I have yet to get confirmation on. I’ll let you know.)

7 thoughts on “Better than Pinkberry”

  1. Interesting. But is it real yogurt not the frozen confections subject of litigaton stuff that Pinkberry is selling? Just curious.

  2. I’m sold, because saying something is better than Punkberry is like saying something is better than rock salt. Or a stubbed toe.

  3. yup, good old valley village, center of the universe, at least it was when I lived there.

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