And people wonder why I’m a socialist you skim past the articles on gang problems and homeless initiatives in the local news section of today’s LA Times, you’ll find a piece about Luxury on Main, the forthcoming condo development for your car. Because it’s about time your car got the shelter it deserves. No more hoi polloi garages for your wheels, no sir. You can now reserve a condo with a wet bar, climate control, a concierge and rooftop gardens for your sweet ride. And shouldn’t you think about an interior design package for your car’s condo (starting at $60 a square foot)? You wouldn’t want to park that Bugatti Veyron in just any cement-floored garage with flourescent lighting, would you? It might forget that it’s a luxury car.

Why am I a socialist? Because we live in a city where people sleep on the streets and go without dinner, and a guy like Alex Dastmalchi (featured in the LA Times story) is forking over $650,000 for two 650-square-foot condos for his cars. For fuck’s sake, I work my ass off in a job that literally saves lives, and I can’t afford to live somewhere with central air, but Alex Dastmalchi’s cars can.

(Photo courtesy of mouton.rebelle.)

28 thoughts on “And people wonder why I’m a socialist”

  1. So somebody should take away Dastmalchi’s salary and give it to you? Who gets to make that decision?

    How do you know that he doesn’t donate large sums of money to charity before blowing some on frivolous things like this?

  2. I don’t know — if all of Dastmalchi’s money were taken away during a hypothetical socialist revolution in LA, even if the homeless folks are rounded up and installed in apartment towers, I bet you’ll still be working your ass off and living somewhere without central air.

    And then the Party leadership will have Dastmalchi’s cars and AC. ;)

  3. Now, now Coop. I’m not suggesting anyone have their salary donated to me. I’m living just fine, window units and all. That said, I think redistribution of wealth is a great idea and I’m all for an income ceiling in this country. I think that people shouldn’t be able to buy condos for their cars while there are homeless children living in shelters. It’s not Dastmalchi’s fault. He’s just playing by the rules of the game. I just think it’s an unethical game.

    But you don’t have to think any of those things.

  4. Wow 15 minutes since the post and we have some good tidbits to thing about.

    I totally disagree with the income ceiling. Take the unlimited potential away and I wonder how many will simply bust their ass for the common good.

  5. I just read a report this morning that the top 1% of taxpayers pay more in taxes that the bottom 95% combined, so I think we already have some pretty significant redistribution of wealth going on. The problem is that this wealth is getting redistributed by a bloated, inefficient bureaucracy that skims a substantial portion off the top to support its own ever-metastisizing self, and uses that money to indulge in behavior that is far more pointless and evil than building luxury garages for Ferraris.

    Call me crazy, but I think people should be free to do whatever that want to do with the money they earn, (especially after handing over most of it in taxes) even if it offends the sensibilities of the self-appointed czars of self-righteousness such as yourself.

  6. Well there’s nothing like a pink post to get things stirred up (and I’m not talking breast cancer).

    I know, I’m one of like three surviving socialists. Oh well. If the revolution ever happens, maybe the party will toast me over drinks at their wet bar while I continue trying to save the world in front of my window unit.

  7. Coop lighten up, dude. Call me crazy but I think people should be free to mouth off about economics (or government or art or the stupidity of tiny dogs that fit in purses). It’s that wacky first amendment thing.

    the Czarina

  8. The problem isn’t people who earn wealth, it’s in the government that is unable to properly provide what it is supposed to provide. And that inability to provide services has nothing to do with how much revenue is generated by taxes. If the LA county government suddenly had ten times more revenue than before, do you think that all the homeless would disappear, and all the potholes would be filled? If you do, you’re either incredibly naive, or suffering from blunt-force trauma to the head.

    I’m interested in what works, and socialism just don’t, either in the hard or soft varieties.

  9. “That said, I think redistribution of wealth is a great idea and I’m all for an income ceiling in this country. I think that people shouldn’t be able to buy condos for their cars while there are homeless children living in shelters”

    Tell ya what Travis lets make a deal, you do the following;

    1. Take on part of the financial risk when I purchase supplies and material for my business. 2. Share the financial risk when a customer doesn’t pay me for goods shipped.
    3. Take up part of the slack when my customers don’t pay or pay late forcing me to go into my pocket to make payroll.

    Until you and the other “socialtards” are ready to risk your salary to help me run my business you and your redistribution can go f*ck yourselves. I’ll park as many nice cars and motorcycles wherever the f*ck I please.

  10. Hey, I’m not pissed, just passionate.

    I love the First Amendment like Bill Burroughs loved Sweet Lady H and target practice. Rock on with your crazy horseshit, and i’ll rock on calling it crazy horseshit, and God Blesss America, MOTHAFUCKAS!!

  11. Why can’t you folks be civil? Travis has her opinion, you’ve got yours. Fine. Each of you can & should defend them, and I love to see quality debating. But can you do it without the personal attacks, Michael? Sheesh. That’s not a debate, it’s just a trash-talking session.

  12. Tzarina…nice ring to it. Tzarina Travis. TT for short. Name could stick if we repeat it a few times. Later TT!

  13. I know I’m coming late to this party, but allow me to point out that TT thinks SHE’s qualified to judge what’s a “valid” or “moral” use of monies earned, which is a stinking load of horseshit.

    And Travis, how can you justify your luxurious window air conditioner when so many families have no AC at all??? In the interest of fairness I think someone should come and take it away.

    If Dastmalchi gave that same money to PETA (and what’s to say he didn’t) or some other cause you LIKE, you would be singing his praises to the heavens.

    Once again, fashion dictates morality for the self-proclaimed socialist.

    It’s no wonder there’s only three left….

  14. After the revolution, everyone will have air-conditioned condos for their nice cars!

  15. TT, Mr Rollers has an idea, can I get mine early for my old Buick though? I need it so it can go back to the sheltered lifestyle before I rescued it.

  16. Condos for cars? That’s just out of control. I like the graf behind the car, expropriation. After the revolution, or hopefully before it, someone ought to do that and drive it into a lake.

  17. It it pretty disgusting that people would rather spend their cash on crap like this than something that would better benefit society – however, the money isn’t disappearing, its being returned to the ‘ol trickle down economics shebang.

  18. Why is it so disgusting? If somebody built a climate controlled gallery for their collection of fine art, no one would think twice about it. I would consider a one-of-a-kind vintage Ferrari or Jag just as beautiful, culturally significant and worthy of preservation as a painting.

    And again, why should you, or anybody, have the right to tell somebody else what to do with their money? I imagine you would be pretty put out if I started telling you how you could spend your paycheck. Oh, I forgot… rich people are automatically evil.

    Don’t forget that Marx’s patron and co-author Frederich Engels was the son of a wealthyGerman textile manufacturer. Without him, you wouldn’t have this lamebrained, proven unworkable philosophy to spout off about while trying to impress earnest college girls.

  19. Coop, you didn’t tell that “socialtards” hook up with hot college age girls???


  20. Coop, Michael, et al-

    To be fair, I prefer MY distribution system, the same one that started with a wooden club well before the sumerians started make sense of our noise! MINE MINE, GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!

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