Detour Fest : A bLA Winner Sounds Off

So, the Detour fest was fantastic, not only for the diverse bands & music that were showcased, but, IMHO, for the opportunity to stroll the streets of Downtown LA with no traffic, hearing the thundering music ricocheting off city hall and the downtown court buildings. Seeing giant moving projections traveling across the pinnacle of city hall itself was amazing, lighting the Dragnet signifier with a mist of blue and red. I love this city and I love how this event can transform LA’s most rigidly patrolled and crowd-controlled area into an anarchic stroller’s paradise, complete with all the trappings: drunk 19-year-old girls barfing, jr.-high-school-age boys walking around in skinny jeans like stick figures with big heads, people skipping down the streets to the music, older rockers in their glam finery strutting the middle of the street like glittery peacocks, etc.
But I actually haven’t sorted all my thoughts, or my photos, just yet. So bLA contest winner Ric Sarabia wrote up HIS impression of the event. I’d like to do this more in the future, hear back from our winners to see what they thought of things. Here’s what Ric the Winner had to say:

Amanda and I hopped on the Gold Line from Highland Park Saturday afternoon and got off at Chinatown where we strolled over to Phillipe’s for French beef bleu dipped sammiches. We strolled on down to the festival arriving just as the Aggrolites took the stage. Tight, happy ska – they looked sharp all dressed in red bringing an irie vibe to this downtown intersection at 3pm. It’s so awesome to get people rubbing shoulders on the streets around city hall for this party. Great buildings.

We wandered around looking at the merch and ferris wheel and ended up lolling on the grass by the south stage with mango/banana smoothies as the Deadly Syndrome played a nondescript set while we waited for the Ed Banger crue. When we arrived at the plaza stage Franki Chan was spinning. He’s so tiny! The audience was definitely ready for Ed Banger and would go into a frenzy when Busy P or Kavinsky was spotted necking with their hunnybuns back behind the stage.

Ed Banger comes at you like a fuckin’ spider monkey…

Justice photo courtesy Gustavo via Creative Commons.

(More on Ed Banger, Kinky, Satellite Party, Teddybears, Justice & the ride home after the jump.)

…Five of this label’s artists came on stage and spun a tag-team danceparty for 3.5 hours. The coolest thing is that Kavinsky spins Sebastian’s stuff and tweaks it all up, then Busy P drops Daft Punk (who he manages) breaks, and Mehdi samples the whole label’s roster, including Justice. It’s insane. Towards the end all of them were behind the decks and the audience were dancing like the possessed. This is the best party going. Ed Banger for world domination.

I snuck away for a moment to catch a couple of Kinky’s songs and they brought it but I’ve seen them thrice before so I had to get back to the plaza.

We caught the last song by Satellite Party (god I love Perry and it’s wonderful to hear his earlier stuff and this band has a thrashy guitar player for sure and his wife’s pretty: but she’s got to go) in order to be ready for Teddybears. I caught this act from Stockholm (what’s with this invasion of Swedish cool bands?) at Coachella this year and was blown away. They Bring it. I missed having their doctored movie clips playing in the bg – Clockwork Orange and The Shining with the actors wearing teddybear heads, but the music held up just fine.

Halfway through Teddybears there was an exodus to the south stage for the Justice show. There was a buzz on them at Coachella and I personally think they took Best In Show this year, but they’ve since gotten massive it seems by hipster word of mouth, and deservedly so. I thought their set was only adequate last night (which is still pretty awesome) but I have a bootleg of a show they did in Oslo in July that was almost identical to what they played last night. I’m hoping that Detour was a “dj” set and that when they bring their A game to the Music Box on Monday and Tuesday they will perform “live”. I’m curious to read what others thought of this performance.

I didn’t stay much longer after Justice. Amanda wanted to see Bloc Party (who I don’t get), and I was too tired to catch Ed Banger Part Two so I strolled over to Union Station for the streetcar ride home. It is pretty incredible to get to walk the six blocks from Detour to the train station at 10:30pm and not have to be “careful”. I’d like more of that please. Also – because we took public transit to the show, we were entered into a contest to win tkts to Coachella 2008 which we fully expect to do. In the name of all things holy, please bring Underworld and The Chemmies next year. Please, please.

See you at Vegoose.


Thanks Ric! I’m happy you liked the show!

Other folks who hope to win upcoming contests, you know you wanna write a winner’s review! After all, everyone’s a critic!

My post & pics prolly tomorry.

4 thoughts on “Detour Fest : A bLA Winner Sounds Off”

  1. Happy 100 LM! Many Congrats and many more, please! To think 100 and it hasn’t aged you at all, quite the accomplishment.

  2. A few of us made it into the streets by way of someone who usta live in the area: just going wherever the hell we wanted, be it the balcony of city hall, inside city hall, and all but bum-rushing the back ways.
    And since the above account takes care of all but the end of the night, we posted a tale about that too, owing to our happening upon the scene after a day of ordinary madness. More up about detour (with more videos) later as our collective hangover yields to the need to get on with our day.

  3. Wait a minute… that photo definitely was NOT taken at detour. Justice did NOT show up with their full gear(Stacks, patch boards, awesome cross light) and definitely did NOT play a set worthy of themselves. It was a mix of their own stuff with other house/trance that was frankly just boring at times. And what the hell, the crowd was so dead by the end of the whole Ed Banger set that they didn’t have the energy to chant for D.A.N.C.E.
    Xavier even came out to do the honors, only to be disappointed by the dance party leftovers.
    What happened LA? As much as I adore you, sometimes you disappoint me. I don’t know whether to blame this inadequate evening more on the artist or the crowd.

    On a better note, the Ed Banger pre-party was DEF happening. Fun + fun = awesome.

  4. No, you’re right, the pic wasn’t from detour (see the photo credit). I didn’t see Justice–well, only from about 300 feet away–so I didn’t get a picture.

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