ICME: Squirrel Art out of place?

10%206%2007006.jpg Cute squirrel painting by one of the kids at one of the elementary schools on display in their booth at the Art Festival. It looked out of place as it was hiding a word. Learned one of the tired parents last minute spelled “elementary” wrong and it was too late to redo the banner. So the squirrel is doing the work of white out. Clever. Of course the whole world knows their secret. Hey…brilliant save in my book!

pic by me with the trusty che-ez. Get’s bigger and oddly better in an impressionists painting kinda way.
(btw…start the count down you are about to be able to wish me happy 100 posts)

3 thoughts on “ICME: Squirrel Art out of place?”

  1. Many congrats LM!!! I’ll toast you when it happens.

    Chris, google che-ez snap, its this awesome .3 megapixel digital camera not bigger than a book of matches that is sorta like the diana of the 70
    s. It’s my ever ready surreal photo blogger.

    Poor focus, poor contrast, off color saturation that turns everything into an impressionists painting. Enjoy. Under $20 and last about a year or 1000 pictures before the little build in batter dies. Love the stupid things. On my 4th since 2003.

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