Been There: Biking The Third Street Tunnel

Even if you haven’t biked, walked or four-wheeled it through the Second Street Tunnel in downtown Los Angeles, chances are if you’re one of that small percentage of the population that watches TV or movies you’ve seen it. The tunnel in all its white subway-tiled glory has been featured in countless commercials, television shows and motion pictures.

As I’m sure you know, just a block south is the Second Street Tunnel’s ugly bastard hair-lipped stepsister, the Third Street Tunnel, which certainly doesn’t share anywhere near the same showbiz resume. Dank, dim, narrow and unventilated it’s about as uninviting to anyone outside of an automobile, but between the two accessways it was the perfect choice for last night’s spooky RIDE-Arc group bike ride, and about 100 or so of us brought life and loudness to the deadzone coming through it after visiting Los Angeles’ oldest collection of dead people: East LA’s Evergreen Cemetery and on our way to visit the second oldestL Mid-City’s Angelus-Rosedale.

My Flickr photoset of the evening is here.

5 thoughts on “Been There: Biking The Third Street Tunnel”

  1. Creepy and awesome photos, Will. The Militant even spotted one of his militia operatives in the photos (not sure if that was in the creepy or awesome category). The Militant is sure the operative had a great time. Did you get to see Col. Griffith’s grave at Angelus-Rosedale?

  2. That is one fun video. Did you use an improvised helmet camera to get that great rear angle?

    Yeah, the shiny sister on Second Street gets way too much screen time. (She even too on the name “Japan” in Kill Bill Vol. 2, during the motorcycle-mobile scene.)
    But I dig both tunnels, owing to the art deco of Second and the junkie flat demeanour of Third; I miss wandering through them before New York ruined me.

  3. Glad to hear your proxy had a good ride MA. But if I’m not mistaken, isn’t Col. Griffith J. Griffith buried at Hollywood Forever?

    And Randall, I’ve bolted a cam to my helmet during past rides, but this time around it was just spur of the moment hold it backwards at arm’s length and try to keep her steady as she goes while watching out for potholes,

  4. The Militant stands corrected…You’re right, GJG was buried a little closer to his namesake park. The Militant was probably thinking of another influential early Angeleno – Phineas Banning, perhaps?

    You got a helmet camera mount? Where did you get one? There’s that one dude who’s always wielding a camcorder during all the group rides the Militant goes on…he looks like Frank Zappa…he needs to get one of those things.

  5. Hey MA: my helmet cam set-up (when I”ve used it) is simple, consisting of a couple half-dollar sized washers and the appropriately sized bolt through one of the helmet’s top most airvents and screwed into the tripod mount on the bottom of the cam. Rudimentary, but it works (as long as you’re not haul anything more than a compact unit atop your noggin.

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