Jaraguá: Rocking Salvadoran Food that Won’t Rock Your Wallet

637Px-PupusasI love Salvadoran food, but nice sit-down Salvadoran spots can be, in my experience, few and far between. Enter Jaraguá, a choice Salvadoran restaurant on Beverly near western that, along with serving up a robust menu of earthy Salvadoran classics, also features a ton of new renovations and a pleasant ambiance that set it apart from most of the surrounding pupuserias. I keep it simple; I usually stick to a couple of pupusas, a ridiculous boatload of curtido and a cold, fruity ensalada (which is pineapple juice with finely chopped fruits, usually apples, marañon, mamey, and watercress). I’m particularly fond of Jaragua’s squash pupusas, which I haven’t seen before. The best thing is that a meal like that only runs me about $6.00! Plus, Salvadoran menus are very vegetarian friendly. Sadly, their dining room is never as full as I think it should be, and I’m terrified that they’re going to go out of business (which happened to the Mexican place on Alvarado and Sunset that I loved). So, your weekend assignment is to make time to visit Jaraguá and gorge yourself on pupusas or tamales or plantains with crema or whatever Salvadoran dish it is that gets your knickers in a twist. Then, repeat as necessary so they stay in business and I don’t have to start going back to the dirty, slow hole-in-the-wall pupuserias around here that I’ve been making do with.

4493 Beverly Blvd., L.A., CA 90004

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  1. In my experience, most pupuserias are slow, it can take quite awhile to get your food. I think it might be because they’re stuffing the masa and cooking it on the spot, and those thick patties take some time to cook thru. But a pupusa de queso con loroco is usually worth the wait. Usually.

  2. Ack! I love pupusas! Absolutely favorite place is El Salvadoreno in Duarte, with their Magic Curtido. Tamal de Pollo and Pupusa Revuelta con Frijole for under five bucks.

    When I’m home and need a pupusa fix, I usually head over to Pupuseria del Valle. I’m glad they’re getting good press, since the folks there are super nice. But the pupusas are a bit overfilled and undercooked for my taste. And the curtido might as well be coleslaw. Bleh.

    I’ll have to check out Jaragu√° when I’m down there.

  3. Will give Jaragua a try.

    I used to go to the Atlacatl Salvadoreno Restaurant by Vermont & Beverly, but if you go with three people they bring everybodys plate at different times. I would tell the waitress to bring everybody’s food at the same time, but they can never seem to accomplish this simple task. So now they are off my list of places to eat pupusas.

  4. both jaragua and atlacatl are owned by the same family. support one; support both. so, no fear 5000!

  5. in my experience, most pupuserias are slow, it can take quite awhile to get your food.

    Jeez, tell me about it. We’ll often decide we want pupusas, and then change our minds because we don’t have time. But, as you said, at least you know it’s because they’re making things to order.

    both jaragua and atlacatl are owned by the same family. support one; support both. so, no fear 5000!

    Wow, interesting. I”ve been to Atlacatl and didn’t love it. Jaragua is so much nicer.

  6. That curtido looks awesome, db. I’ll have to head out to Duarte to check it out. Jaragua’s curtido isn’t stunning, but it’s passable.

    The other spot I L-O-V-E is El Salvador Con Sabor at 5105 Venice Blvd in Mid City. It’s also a nicer sit-down spot, but totally affordable and family owned. And they’ve got great curtido and ensalada.

  7. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to the pupuserias listed above; however, I highly recommend the Ayala’s Salvadorean Restaurant that just opened last month. It’s at 10953 Venice Blvd. Pupusas (pork or loroco) made to order, tamales, and other Salvadorean and Cuban dishes. Mmmmm…

  8. I just have to say its a relief to finally find a salvadorean restaurant that a) Is nice and b) doesn’t have the almost obligatory bad singer blasting in your ear. Really good horchata and pupusas but they also had some of the best empanadas I’ve had in a very looooooooong time.

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