Holy Crap! They’re making Crank 2.

Do you guys remember when I posted that godawful summary of Speed starring Jason Statham as the bus? And I was so put off by the bad writing and stupid premise? Well, I rented the movie and it KICKED ASS and was seriously the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, but the way it ends is pretty damn final.

Well, my husband just emailed me a link to this article and OH MY GOD they’re doing a sequel. I don’t care how stupid it may be, I AM THERE. And you should be too.

4 thoughts on “Holy Crap! They’re making Crank 2.”

  1. Awesome news! CRANK was the great under the radar dvd rental find of the year! It’s a hilarious and action packed flick on its own, but it is especially delicious for Angelenos since it takes us all over our town. Thanks for the heads up! Jason Statham is HAWT!

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