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If it’s not The Drudge Report, is the first website I click to in the morning. Before I brush my teeth, before I take a piss, I have to know what’s going on with the latest movie news. Of all the “fan community” websites, it’s probably the one that’s most in touch with its core audience (18-34 year-old movie buffs/toy collectors/comic-book junkies) but at the same time boasts some of the most thoughtful and intelligent film criticism on the web.

CHUD’s busiest writer is Devin Faraci, a recent LA transplant from New York. What I like about Devin’s writing is that you always know where he’s coming from and you can relate to his point of view – at least, he makes you feel like you can. That’s an important skill to have as a writer – accessibility – particularly as a critic. Even if he hates the movies you love and loves the movies you hate, you just can’t stay mad at him because he’s able to put it all in perspective.

Imagine my intrigue (and trepidation) at discovering Devin’s latest CHUD editorial concerns his adventures on the LA Public Transportation System. It’s a colorful tale told from an astute outsider’s point of view. That being said, it also contains the words “pud”, “tweakers”, “ass transit”, and “Brundlefly”.

Click here or on the link above. You really need to read the whole thing.

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5 thoughts on “ Critiques LA Transit”

  1. Nice article and thank you for the link. The editorial is interesting, certainly underscores some of our core problems and serves as a counter point to your own 9/22 post titled To: White People of Los Angeles, Re: The Bus .

    One can hope that people see the editorial for its satire.

  2. having ridden the bus in la for about 9 years, i can honestly say that i have seen/heard/smelled/touched things that few la denizens can even fathom.

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