Celebrate the Arts in Library Park this weekend

10%2007%2006011.jpg The details first, Saturday and Sunday October 6 & 7, 10AM to 6PM in Monrovia’s Library Park located in the 300 Block of South Myrtle Avenue at the north end of Old Town Monrovia. It’s even the lead story in this weeks edition of EyeSpy LA ‘s Art Week page which you can read for all the big details with their spin.

My spin on why I like the event after the jump

This is a fine art event, largely affordable fine art as many of the artists are new artists showing their work for the first time. Very little in the way of fine crafts. There are also many local schools and adult education groups sharing their work. The student artists always amaze me with their raw talent and I always manage to find one or two that I want to watch grow in their art.

february.jpg “February” by Luke Van Hook

Artist Luke Van Hook Luke Van Hook and his wife Ginger Van Hook are on my do not miss tour of the artists. Luke is an incredible painter exploring Giotto’s Circle. Ginger does some really interesting explorations with false color photography. What is really fun is how they do their displays. Last year they occupied a double space and set up a living room complete with carpet, easy chairs and little candy dishes sprinkled all over. I can’t wait to see what turns up this year. Do sit and chat with them a bit.

The new artists are always fun to see. Of that group one is picked to be “Featured Artist” for the coming festival. I recently wrote about Ron Husband here who I got to meet through last years Festival. Of the new members of our group I can’t wait to see Barbara Carter’s work in person as I have always loved the impressionistic movement and the pointillists in particular.

flowerfield.jpg “Flower Field” by Ginger Van Hook

The Silent Auction is always interesting. You never know what sort of items you will find. I’ve picked up a few nice originals over the years even though it meant I had to run back every few minutes to keep upping my bid. You never know what gems will turn up there so it is definitely worth the detour to spend a few minutes at the Silent Auction.

This event is also kid friendly and food friendly. The artists and the event is very laid back. You won’t have people telling you to stay out because of your kidlets or you are eating. A really nice venue to nibble and wander about soaking it all in. A huge plus when you have places like Sam’s Deli or Planet Cookie selling goodies for you to enjoy while in the park.

The nice bit is that since MAFA is a non-profit organization what you get at the auction its tax deductible. Over the last 5 years MAFA has given some 75K to local schools for art education and sponsoring the Village After School Art Program. Not small change and certainly something the schools need.

Enjoy the art, chat up the artists and help us support our schools.

As a bit of disclosure in case you forgot, I do volunteer here and show at this event, stop by and say “HI” if you can find me. No obligation or pressure on my part.

Pic’s by me with the trusty Che-ez and get’s bigger with a clickeroo. Art work by the Van Hook’s borrowed with their permission from their sites and bigger with the clicky as well.