Autolux Plays at Detour Fest

autolux.jpgI’ve loved Autolux (myspace) since…ummm…shoot. It was a while ago. I think I first saw them in 2001, playing dates with The Fold. But it was their show at the Derby in ’01 or ’02 that hit me right between the eyes: something in my head said, through the whiskey-induced haze, “These guys are gonna hit it big.” They had far more people than their current line-up on stage; I’d say five or six people behind a wall of sound and blue light, under the Derby’s vaulting ceiling.

They’ve since gone on to open for The Secret Machines, Clinic, Broadcast, The White Stripes, Shellac, and Beck, but somehow they still seem below the radar. They’re not as radio-friendly or accessible as most bands that get airplay today. But I’m hoping that with “wall-of-textured-fuzzy-sound” locals like Silversun Pickups breaking through (I’ve had friends call the subgenre “space rock,” which I’m sure isn’t new, but I think it’s apt), Autolux won’t be far behind. They’ve certainly paid their dues. I can’t wait to see ’em this weekend at Detour, underneath the city skyline; few bands seem better suited to LA’s urban landscape than these guys.

Blogged to Neko Case’s “Pretty Girls.”

3 thoughts on “Autolux Plays at Detour Fest”

  1. When is their next album coming out?!

    Future Perfect is never far from the top of my “Recently Played” list…

  2. I’ve seen them three times. Once opening for NIN at the bowl and twice opening for QOTSA. They are actually the one band I really can’t wait to see tomorrow. Future Perfect is a great album.

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