Ride With the Ridazz to Detour

If you’re planning to hit the LA Weekly Detour Music Festival ( you may be one of the lucky ticket winners in Lucinda’s LA Weekly Detour Festival contest), you already know the fest is going to pretty much monopolize the entire block surrounding City Hall, with some stages situated even further beyond that (see the official map for details).

Good sense should tell you right away that it will undoubtedly be a parking nightmare. If you do drive, parking anywhere near the event will probably cost you an arm and a leg.

Good sense should also point you to the Midnight Ridazz website, where a ride has been created for the sole purpose of getting people to take their bikes to Detour.

If you’re just finding out about it now, it’s okay… You can still use that good sense to clicky on the linky above and get all the details on the ride.