Orphan Barrel…it’s good to be loved

cwcbarrel.jpg California Wine and Cheese is one of those great little businesses that rapidly become a local institution. It opened with little fanfare about a year ago and has gained quite a following.

Beside it being nice adult place to hang for a couple of hours you get to taste some great California wines and cheeses paired so they make good sense. Nothing like learning while drinking to get double points on an activity in my book.

Tom Dugan is wired into the wineries and is able to find all sorts of wines that are limited editions or simply hard to find. Tom takes care of his regulars as they get first crack at the really hard to get wines. One of my recent finds is a Huber “non-oak” chardonnay that I really liked. I am more of a red guy as the oaks in the whites always tended to mask the fruit. This “non-oak” is aged all in stainless steel and has a really nice crisp fruity taste that isn’t masked by the oak. I scored 2 bottles.

Orphan Barrel is your last chance to get a little lovin’ while the supply lasts. This little barrel tucked in the back of the store is where those odd bottles go once the bulk of the case is gone. It is always worth the look for the odd gem in need of a new home.
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California Wine and Cheese is also a great supporter of the community. They have been at the Food Wine and Jazz Festival teaching us about wines. They continue to host artists on monthly rotation giving local talent a chance to share their work. (I have shown there, but that was after I became a fan of theirs. I held off writing about here until my stuff was out to avoid the accusation of mercenary intent).

California Wine and Cheese is located at 115 N Foothill Blvd in Monrovia. (1/2 block west of Myrtle Avenue).

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  1. Do it. Let me know when you are there and I’ll join you. BTW, I do enjoy your flicker page, a lot.

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