One Last Pair Tix to Detour Festival!

detourfest.JPGC’mon, people. It’s been days. Surely one more of you knows the answers to the questions in my previous post?

We’ve gotten oooooodles of answers, but they’re all mostly wrong. Don’t you people know your ancient Greek philosophy? Sheesh.

For brevity’s sake, here they are again. One pair of tickets left, folks! You must answer all three correctly:

1. The last time SebastiAn played at the Los Angeles Sports Arena it was with what electronic music “robot” duo?

2. Which kickass DJ on the lineup actually used to be a contributor?

3. To illustrate the subjective nature of justice (specifically, action free from consequence) what philosopher told the tale of Gyges in the ancient Greek dialogue Republic? We are not shitting you.

Email answers to [email protected]!

Hint: It’s not Plato. Be more specific.

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