LASD’s newest game: Operation Any Booking

A lovely article from the AP reports that LA Deputies Held Arrest Contests

From the article:

Sheriff’s deputies have been competing in organized contests to see who could make the most arrests, who could impound the most cars and who could question the most gang members.

The contests were meant to boost morale and motivate deputies, but some observers are crying foul, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

One of the competitions, outlined in an internal Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department e-mail, was “Operation Any Booking.” The object of the contest was to see who could arrest the most people in a 24-hour period.

“It’s just a friendly competition to have a little fun out here,” said Lt. James Tatreau, who helped organize the events. “It’s a morale booster.” [full story]

Nice. [/sarcasm]

6 thoughts on “LASD’s newest game: Operation Any Booking”

  1. I like the question-a-gang-member version. I’m just envisioning a cop car rolling up with the window down, junior partner in the passenger seat leaning out, “Yo Ese. Do these pants make my ass look big?” And then rolling off while senior partner mutters, “that’s one.”

  2. Work Work Work Work Work.
    Can’t a guy just have some fun?

    At least there were no “Shoot a kid in the back” or “Kill an old lady holding a screwdriver” contests. Oh wait…

  3. AP you crack me up. Baca get’s the award for the undestatement of they year when he described it as “poorly conceived”.

  4. Hey, can the general public participate too? That would curtail these nay sayers. I could probably hit up a bunch of bangers on my way home.

  5. How many arrests do they have to make to get the pink car? Oh wait–that’s Mary Kay. Never mind. If you didn’t tell me otherwise, I’d believe it was an Onion story. Un-fucking-real.

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