I dissed Wil Wheaton.

I was standing outside of Barnes and Noble at The Grove tonight after knitting, talking to a friend, when a guy walked out and started talking to some other guys about fifteen feet away. He looked so familiar, and I nearly drive myself crazy trying to figure out where I knew him from. LA brain finally took over and I realized, “Oh, he’s a celebrity.”

My friend and I walked inside, passing a display of Wil‘s Star Trek manga. Realization was slow: I do know him.

Sorry, Wil. I totally forgot about your signing and then I failed to recognize you. I am a total dork.

8 thoughts on “I dissed Wil Wheaton.”

  1. Crap give me this weeks density award. Wil here is the actor Wil???? Sheesh, never was good with keeping up with the biz and never made the connection until this post. Damn this crowd is pretty high falutin’ and connected!

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